You People Are Insane – Ep. 14 – “Good Boy Ear Rat”

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We don’t have notes for this podcast, because it doesn’t really work that way. What we do have are Google’s broken transcriptions of the voice mails we answered on this episode. Behold:

An Unnamed Good Puppy

“Hi, Adam, Jeff and Rick hill. This is Sammy up in South Dakota. Hey. If you guys get a chance to I’d like you to say good girl to my dog C accent like I’m just employees in and he got really sick and she’s doing better now, and we were thinking she’s going to pull out of it here, but just good dog for not time because I really love the dog ever you guys to show always look forward to it every day. It’s way better than listen to rush limbaugh alright. You guys have a good one. Bye. “

All puppies are good puppies.

Make Griddles

“Hey guys would you rather be able to always find parking within a block of your destination or magically produce McRibs and make griddles at will. Thanks?”

Podcast Bacon

“Hey, Adam. Hey Raquel. Jeff just heard you mention on you people and saying that you know if you don’t have any friends, and you guys will be my friends. I’m so glad you said that because I have been traveling for a living full time for about three and a half years now, and I don’t have friends anymore because I never stay anywhere from more than about a week, so when I do meet people out of the bar or whenever I’m hanging out and I have to talk to clients and stuff like that. Sh, ohh yeah, I was talking you on her my buddy adam say or oh yeah this guy Jeff it. I know says like you know like I know you guys so even though you don’t do it. You’ve actually been somebody send. It doesn’t have any so thanks for that. I really do appreciate it and love and subscription. Thanks so much for putting the service up, and if cheap pieces of s*** bastards can’t cough up $5 a month $0.12 of podcast bacon straight up. Go eat a dick and I know you guys would back me up because that’s what friends do alright. Y’all have a good one later.”

Fair Or Fell

“Hello, gentlemen and fine young lady in terms of food attic it is eating a hamburger or pizza with a fork and a nice fair or fell love the show. Thanks.”

Drinking After Ford’s

“Hi, Adam, Michelle, and Jeff. I have a question for you mostly just we’re going to go on vacation a couple weeks to Boston leslie from the San Francisco Bay area and we’re kind of going people. You don’t really drink when after you miss Ford’s, but I was wondering what kind of cool things are there in Boston to do that you could with him. Thanks. Love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing good. Bye.”