Do We Still Need the E.U.?

The European Union…it’s like the America of Europe! But does the world need it anymore? Britain certainly doesn’t think so, and Russia hopes a lot more countries agree with them in the near future. But are they right? Adam and Quincy talk about exactly that on this episode! Listen now!



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The 2010s have seen the resurgence of some ugly ideology. In 2016, Britain surprised much of the Western world by voting to remove itself from the European Union, otherwise known as “Brexit.” In 2017, far-right candidates Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen lost their elections for office, but came incredibly close…and both had intentions of removing their respective nations from the European Union, and held the Brussels bureaucracy with contempt. Arguments have been made that the supranational nature of the European Union has eroded the sense of national identity and culture, and has also made some nations, such as Germany and France, piggy banks for other, less fortunate ones, such as Spain and Greece. These factors beg the question: is there any point to the EU? Listen to the episode to find out what Adam and Quincy think!





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