What in the World? The Attempted Coup in Venezuela

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Also, here come those links!

The Start of the Current Unrest In Venezuela

The Telegraph

Venezuela has been a mess in a lot of ways for a long time now. So why have things gotten so much more intense over the past week or so? These articles will tell you that exact thing!

Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Declares Himself President


Common Dreams

The New York Times

In other news, we’ve declared ourselves President of Podcasts.

Maduro Still Has the Support of the Military (And Russia)



The New York Times

If this doesn’t change, we might have to go in and fight the military. Do we have a word for an act of that sort?

Guiado Offers Suggests Amnesty For Maduro/Military


If anything is going to change the mind of the military currently keeping Maduro in power, it will be the prospect of not going to prison when everything inevitably collapses.

Former Top US General Says We Shouldn’t Invade


He’s probably right.

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