What in the World?

Right Down the Crease
December 12, 2016
Adam and Quincy try their best to understand the sport of cricket. A Patreon Exclusive!


Black Pete Crunch
December 6, 2016
Adam and Quincy discuss a highly controversial overseas holiday icon, and invent a new cereal brand in the process. A Patreon Exclusive!


Thunderstorm Asthma
November 29, 2016
Adam and Quincy discuss a weird phenomenon in Australia. And so much more! A Patreon Exclusive!


Trump International
November 15, 2016
Adam and Quincy talk about the global ramifications of Donald Trump’s election to the office of President of the United States. A Patreon Exclusive!


November 8, 2016
Adam and Quincy discuss the never ending story that is Guantanamo Bay. A Patreon Exclusive!


Illegal Gestures In Ethiopia
October 25, 2016
Our first episode is about unrest in Ethiopia and the things the government is doing to stop it. A Patreon Exclusive!





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