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Genocide In Myanmar
December 20, 2017
Another week, another genocide to talk about. This time around, we’re discussing the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar. Listen now!


December 13, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss Trump’s recent declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and why it matters. A Patreon Exclusive!


Do We Still Need The EU?
December 6, 2017
The European Union…it’s like the America of Europe! But does the world need it anymore? Britain certainly doesn’t think so, and Russia hopes a lot more countries agree with them in the near future. But are they right? Listen now!


The Crisis In Yemen
November 30, 2017
Yemen is in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis in the country’s history, and the United States is part of the coalition that’s making it happen. A Patreon Exclusive!


November 15, 2017
You’ve probably heard the name “Catalonia” tossed around in the news lately, but do you know what’s actually happening there right now? Adam and Quincy talk about the Catalan independence movement and how it started. Listen now!


The Khmer Rouge
November 9, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss one of the most brutal and fast moving genocides of all time. The one carried out by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. It’s bleak. A Patreon Exclusive!


Trans Rights In Iran
November 2, 2017
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Erika Bergman to discuss the long and troubled history of trans rights in the country of Iran. Listen now!


Prisons Around The World
October 26, 2017
Adam and Quincy explore some of the most innovative (and horrifying) prisons from all around the world. You know, just like the title implies. A Patreon Exclusive!


Europe’s Last Dictator
October 19, 2017
Since 1994, one man has ruled over the small country of Belarus. His name is Alexander Lukashenko, and for all intents and purposes, he’s Europe’s only dictator. He’s also the subject of this episode.


The Truth About Somali Pirates
October 12, 2017
After a few years away, Somali pirates have returned in a major way. But like so many other things happening in the world right now, there’s way more to this story than you might realize. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Iran Nuclear Deal Explained
October 5, 2017
You’ve heard about the landmark nuclear deal the world signed with Iran, but do you know how it works? Or, even worse, how it could march us to war soon? Adam and Quincy talk about it all on this week’s episode.


A Brief History of Bollywood
September 29, 2017
Adam and Quincy explore the long and sometimes controversial history of India’s film industry, better known as Bollywood. A Patreon Exclusive!


Weird Shortages Happening Around the World
September 19, 2017
Are you an unemployed pilot looking for a job? Move to China! They need pilots the way Dubai needs sand, and no part of this sentence is a joke! Adam and Quincy discuss a few noteworthy things that countries around the world are are running out of.


The Cow Vigilantes of India
September 14, 2017
Vigilante mobs in India are lynching Muslims and claiming they have a right to because Muslims eat beef. But is there more to it than that? Yes there is! A Patreon Exclusive!


A Brief History of Zapad
September 7, 2016
Russia does war games like no one else. Will their next practice turn into an actual war like they have in the past? Maybe! Hear Adam and Quincy talk about it on this episode!


The Sad Decline of the African National Congress
August 31, 2017
The African National Congress helped facilitate the end of apartheid and introduced the world to Nelson Mandela. That was a long time ago, and they’ve been in power in South Africa ever since. So, how are they doing now? A Patreon Exclusive!


The Rise of Acid Attacks In the UK
August 24, 2017
Acid is being used as a weapon with alarming frequency in the UK and other parts of the world. Adam and Quincy talk about it on this episode. Give it a listen!


Did We Really Need To Nuke Japan?
August 17, 2017
Did the United States really need to drop two atomic bombs on Japan at the end of WWII? History says we did…depending on which part of history you’re asking. A Patreon Exclusive!


Immigration and MS-13
August 10, 2017
A profile of the street gang that was started as a means to protect Salvadoran immigrants in Los Angeles, but soon grew into something else entirely. Listen now!


Why The People of Germany Supported Hitler
August 3, 2017
Adam and Quincy examine the series of steps in Adolf Hitler’s progression from fringe political figure to brutal-but-widely-supported German dictator. A Patreon Exclusive!


Poland’s Fast Track To Authoritarian Rule
July 27, 2017
Adam and Quincy look into how Poland went from beacon of democracy in post-Soviet Europe to the brink of authoritarian rule in less than two years. Listen now!


The History Of the Tour de France
July 18, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss professional cycling’s most prestigious and insanely drug-fueled event, the Tour de France. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Venezuelan Scramble
July 11, 2017
Adam and Quincy check back in with the ever-worsening crisis in Venezuela. Listen now!


How Turkey Became A Dictatorship
June 27, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the country of Turkey and its slow descent into authoritarian rule. Listen now!


What’s Happening In Qatar
June 20, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the current unrest in Qatar, the history behind the country’s long-standing feud with Saudi Arabia, and so much more. A Patreon Exclusive!


Gay Concentration Camps In Chechnya
June 13, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the terrifying state of gay rights in Chechnya. Listen now!


Tuesdays With Rodrigo
June 6, 2017
Adam and Quincy check in once again with Rodrigo Duterte, the insanely controversial (and probably just insane) president of the Philippines. A Patreon Exclusive!


Meet Emmanuel Macron
May 30, 2017
Adam and Quincy look into the background and political beliefs of France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron. Listen now!


Hey! Hey! Genghis Khan!
May 22, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the long and sort of insane history of the Eurovision awards. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Nine Nuclear States, Pt. 2
May 15, 2017
Adam and Quincy wrap up their two part series about the nine countries that possess nuclear weapons. Listen to it now!


The Nine Nuclear States, Pt. 1
May 8, 2017
The first in a two part series! Adam and Quincy look at the nine countries currently known to possess nuclear weapons, and who they’re most likely to use them on. A Patreon Exclusive!


Understanding Brexit
May 1, 2017
Adam and Quincy welcome comic Sameer Suri to discuss the history and future of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Have a listen!


Trump Revisited
April 24, 2017
Adam and Quincy welcome comic and Trump supporter Sameer Suri to ask how he’s feeling about his vote all these months later. Listen now!


How Economic Sanctions Work
April 10, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the inner workings of the world’s preferred middle ground between diplomacy and war — economic sanctions. It’s exciting stuff!


The Internet In China
April 3, 2017
What’s it like trying to use the internet in China? Adam and Quincy look into it on this episode! A Patreon Exclusive!


March 27, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the insane presidential corruption scandal in South Korea and all the ways it mirrors what’s happening in the United States right now. Give it a listen!


Same Song
March 20, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the sharp increase in hate crimes happening around the world and what might be causing it. A Patreon Exclusive!


Cricket Returns to Pakistan
March 13, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the triumphant return of international cricket matches to the country of Pakistan. It’s a bigger deal than you think! Listen now!


The Crisis In Venezuela
March 6, 2017
Adam and Quincy talk about the economic crisis in Venezuela and the events that caused it to happen. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Terror Attacks Trump Won’t Talk About
February 27, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss Trump’s list of under-reported terror attacks and all of the things he left out. Listen now and see if you can spot the pattern!


Stop Taking Dolphin Selfies
February 20, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the terrible things happening to animals all around the world. A Patreon Exclusive!


Tree Man Returns
February 13, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss issues plaguing children around the world, including killer lychee fruit, the Zika Virus, and Tree Man Syndrome. Listen to it now!


One Free Slap
February 6, 2017
Adam and Quincy talk about a controversial new law in Russia. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Coming Kid Fights With China
January 30, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss the Muslim ban, the border wall, sanctioning Russia, and children fighting. Give it a listen!


Petbama Care
January 23, 2017
Did you know the UK provides free veterinary care to people who can’t afford it? Did you know it’s been that way for decades? All of that and more on this episode! A Patreon Exclusive!


The South China Sea Situation
January 16, 2017
Adam and an especially mellow Quincy talk about the tense situation that’s been unfolding in the South China Sea. Then, to lighten the mood, they finish the episode watching a Chinese game show. Give it a listen now!


On The Bright Side, Germans Are Reading More…
January 9, 2017
This week, Adam and Quincy discuss the return of an unfortunate best-seller in Germany, the battle for the title of “Canada’s Trump”, and what losing remittances will mean for Mexico. They finish the show by attempting to understand the sport of hurling. Listen now!


The C.I.A.
January 2, 2017
Does anyone know the name of the Chinese intelligence agency? Quincy and Adam ponder this question and other international affairs on this week’s episode! A Patreon Exclusive!


Tom Southafrica
December 26, 2016
Adam and Quincy continue their discussion about the current state of things in Africa. Listen now!


Africa and Rugby
December 19, 2016
Adam and Quincy discuss the various conflicts and issues plaguing the continent of Africa and then finish up by trying to make sense of watching rugby. A Patreon Exclusive!





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