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Do you find most discussions about world politics to be severely lacking jokes? If so, this podcast is for you. Hosts Adam Tod Brown and Quincy Johnson cover things happening in the world right now that you might not be familiar with, but totally should be. Subscribe today via iTunes.


The Attempted Coup In Venezuela
January 28, 2019
Adam and Quincy revisit the topic that keeps on giving…United States involvement in the political unrest in Venezuela. Listen now!


Why Turkey and Saudi Arabia Hate Each Other
January 17, 2019
Adam and Quincy look into the history behind the long standing feud between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Listen now!


The Rise of Evangelism In Brazil
January 10, 2019
Adam and Quincy discuss the curious rise of Evangelism in Brazil and the relationship between evangelicals, president Jair Bolsonaro, and the drug cartels he’s vowed to eliminate. Listen now!


The Arrest Of Meng Wanzhou
January 3, 2019
Adam and Quincy discuss the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and why the United States is so afraid of Huawei. Listen now!


China’s Crackdown On Porn
December 20, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome special guests Jenn Scott and Elise Golgowski to talk about the Chinese government’s creepy anti-porn initiatives. Listen now!


The Election Of Jair Bolsonaro
December 13, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Chris Crittenden to discuss the rise to power of right wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. Listen now!


Venezuela (A Celebration Of Our 100th Episode)
December 6, 2018
Adam, Quincy, and comedian Chris Crittenden catch up with the situation in Venezuela and reflect on the show’s 100th episode, which passed last week without incident. A Patreon Exclusive!


The U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks
November 29, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Radostin Zahariev to talk about the mysterious “sonic attacks” that happened at three different United States embassies and what might be the true cause. Listen now!


Performing For The Enemy
November 15, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Radostin Zahariev to talk about the political fallout that sometimes accompanies American entertainers who perform overseas. Listen now!


The Strange Origins Of The Bikini
November 8, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Rivers Langley to discuss United States testing of nuclear weapons in the Bikini Atoll. A Patreon Exclusive!


Halloween Around The World
October 31, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome comedians Hana Michels and Kevin Anderson to discuss some of the weirdest Halloween traditions from around the world. Listen now!


China and the Uighur Muslims
October 18, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Jessica Singer to discuss China’s brutal campaign of oppression against the country’s Uighur Muslim population. Listen now!


The Israeli Nation-State Law
October 11, 2018
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Matt Lieb to discuss Israel’s new Nation-State Law and what it means for the region. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Magdalene Laundries
October 4, 2018
Adam and special guest Chris Crittenden discuss Ireland’s centuries-long program of enslaving women and children and using them as slave labor in laundry facilities that doubled as prisons. Listen now!


The Moria Refugee Camp
September 27, 2018
Adam welcomes special guests Radostin Zahariev and Jon Shefsky to talk about the horrific living conditions inside the Moria refugee camp in Greece. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Indian WhatsApp Lynchings
September 19, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Jessica Singer, Chris Crittenden, and Stuart Thompson to discuss the horrifying real world ramifications of the spreading of fake news in India. Listen now!


The Scallop Wars
September 12, 2018
Adam, Quincy and special guest Kevin Anderson discuss a bizarre, long-running dispute between England and France over scallop fishing rights in the English Channel. A Patreon Exclusive!


Tell Us We Were Right About Venezuela
September 5, 2018
Adam and Quincy catch up on the latest in Venezuela news, including the not at all shocking revelation that the US might be planning a military intervention there soon. Listen now!


The Exorcism Industry In Italy
August 24, 2018
Did you know 500,000 people each year seek out the services of an exorcist in Italy? It’s true! Adam and Quincy talk about it on this episode! A Patreon Exclusive!


The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi
August 17, 2018
In 1983, a 15-year-old girl named Emanuela Orlandi disappeared from the streets of the Vatican and hasn’t been seen since. What happened to her still isn’t known to this day, but the theories all sound like movie plots and most of them involve the Catholic Church. Listen now!


The Trinitarios and the Bad Barbies
August 10, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss a New York based Dominican street gang with a penchant for revenge porn and killing the wrong people. Listen now!


The Kafala System
August 3, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss the brutal slave labor system that’s being used to build the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A Patreon Exclusive!


Free Noura Hussein
July 27, 2018
Adam and Quincy look into the tragic case of a Sudanese girl who was forced to marry a man twice her age, and then sentenced to death by hanging when she killed him after he tried to rape her. Listen now!


Comedy Overseas (Live At The Hollywood Hotel)
July 20, 2018
On this sleepy, late night, drunken, live episode of What In The World, Adam and Quincy welcome comedians Chet Wild, Lisa Curry, Biana Cristovao, Quincy Jones and JJ Whitehead to talk about what it’s like doing comedy overseas. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Breitbart Of Canada
July 13, 2018
Adam and Quincy explore the myriad awful personalities that make up the right wing reporting team at Canada’s Rebel Media. Listen now!


Meet The Grey Wolves
June 29, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss the long and troubling history of Turkish paramilitary group The Grey Wolves. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Scandals of the 2018 World Cup (And Beyond)
June 22, 2018
Adam and guest co-host Brett Rader discuss the craziest scandals surrounding this year’s World Cup in Russia and some of the scandals to look forward to in Qatar 2022. Listen now!


Techno and Club Culture In Georgia
June 15, 2018
Adam and Quincy look into the unlikely rise of techno and club culture in ultra-conservative Georgia (the one in Europe). A Patreon Exclusive!


A Brief History Of Political Killings In Russia
June 8, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss the Ukrainian journalist who was reported to be murdered, only to reappear a few days later, and the myriad reasons why he might have pulled a stunt like that. Listen now!


How China Became A Superpower
June 1, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss how China went from Russia’s inferior Cold War sidekick to work superpower in the span of just a few decades. A Patreon Exclusive!


Armenia’s Velvet Revolution
May 18, 2018
The smoothest sounding uprising in the game is the subject of this week’s episode. Specifically, Adam and Quincy are discussing Armenia’s Velvet Revolution. Listen now!


International Adoptions and the Magnitsky Act
May 11, 2018
Americans have been adopting significantly fewer children from overseas in recent years. Adam and Quincy discuss the reasons for the decline. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Situation In Nicaragua
May 4, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss the recent riots in Nicaragua and the long-running problems that brought them on. Listen now!


The Windrush Generation
April 27, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss one of the most horrific deportation scandals happening right now. The Windrush Generation arrived to promises they’d be allowed to stay in the UK forever. Now, almost 50 years later, they’re being forced to leave. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Syria Airstrikes
April 20, 2018
Adam and Quincy discuss the recent chemical attack in Syria, the US response, and what it all might mean for US-Russia relations in the future. Listen now!


The Eurovision Semifinals Part Three
April 13, 2018
Sadly, we’ve reached the end of our three part exploration of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries. Listen now and be a more informed voter! A Patreon Exclusive!


The Eurovision Semifinals Part Two
April 6, 2018
Our deep dive into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries continues! This week we talk about some of the entries from the second semifinal round. Listen now!


The Eurovision Semifinals Pt. 1
March 30, 2018
Adam and Quincy harshly judge the entries for the first semifinal round of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. A Patreon Exclusive!


Rodrigo Duterte’s Crazy Month
March 23, 2018
On this episode Adam and Quincy check back in with Rodrigo Duterte, current president of the Philippines. Turns out, he’s had quite an interesting month. Listen now!


Unrest in Iran
March 16, 2018
Adam and Quincy look into the recent uprisings in Iran and what’s behind them. A Patreon Exclusive!


The International Criminal Court
March 9, 2018
You’ve probably heard of The International Criminal Court, but do you know what its role is in the world or why it was founded? Curious what continent so far has provided 100 percent of the people imprisoned by the ICC? We talk about all that and more!


The Sino-Indian Border Dispute
March 2, 2018
Do you know the two largest countries (by population) come close to war every few years over a small area of land that’s mostly situated atop a mountain? It’s true! A Patreon Exclusive!


The Latest From Venezuela
February 23, 2018
Adam and Quincy revisit the ever-worsening disaster happening in Venezuela right now and talk about the huge gamble disgraced president Nicolas Maduro is taking to fix it. Listen now on What In The World, now accepting Petros at all locations!


The Troubles: 1976 – 1998
February 16, 2018
The conclusion to our three part exploration of The Troubles. Includes discussions about the Peace People, an insane cemetery attack, a huge truck bomb in Manchester, and whether Oasis had any part in bringing the conflict to an end. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Miami Showband Massacre
February 9, 2018
In 1974, an innocent Irish showband was stopped at what appeared to be a routine checkpoint by men wearing British army uniforms. What happened next is every bit as insane as this clickbait cliffhanger ending to the description implies. Listen now!


The Troubles: 1916 – 1974
February 2, 2018
The first of a three part series about the bloody conflict that plagued Northern Ireland and regularly spilled into other parts of Europe for the better part of three decades. A Patreon Exclusive!


The Problem With Pakistan
January 26, 2018
They’re one of our biggest allies in the war on terror, except for all those times when they’re being the exact opposite. On this episode, Adam and Quincy discuss the tense state of US-Pakistan relations. Listen now!


Would You Vote For Putin?
January 19, 2018
There’s an important election coming up this year…in Russia! Adam and Quincy discuss all of the crazy characters and insane issues involved in the upcoming Russian presidential election. A Patreon Exclusive!


All About Austria
January 9, 2018
If any country would know better than to start embracing right wing extremism again, you’d think it would be Austria. You would be wrong. On this episode, Adam and Quincy discuss Austria’s slow creep to the extreme right. Listen now!


January 2, 2018
This week, Adam and Quincy explore the ideology that fuels every decision made by Russia and Vladimir Putin. A Patreon Exclusive!





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