What in the World?

Do you find most discussions about world politics to be severely lacking jokes? If so, this podcast is for you. Hosts Adam Tod Brown and Quincy Johnson cover things happening in the world right now that you might not be familiar with, but totally should be. It’s also funny. So goddamn funny. But don’t take our word for it! Check it out for yourself!

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Unrest in Iran
March 16, 2018
Adam and Quincy look into the recent uprisings in Iran and what’s behind them. A Patreon Exclusive!




The International Criminal Court
March 9, 2018
You’ve probably heard of The International Criminal Court, but do you know what its role is in the world or why it was founded? Curious what continent so far has provided 100 percent of the people imprisoned by the ICC? We talk about all that and more!





The Sino-Indian Border Dispute
March 2, 2018
Do you know the two largest countries (by population) come close to war every few years over a small area of land that’s mostly situated atop a mountain? It’s true! A Patreon Exclusive!




The Latest From Venezuela
February 23, 2018
Adam and Quincy revisit the ever-worsening disaster happening in Venezuela right now and talk about the huge gamble disgraced president Nicolas Maduro is taking to fix it. Listen now on What In The World, now accepting Petros at all locations!





The Troubles: 1976 – 1998
February 16, 2018
The conclusion to our three part exploration of The Troubles. Includes discussions about the Peace People, an insane cemetery attack, a huge truck bomb in Manchester, and whether Oasis had any part in bringing the conflict to an end. A Patreon Exclusive!




The Miami Showband Massacre
February 9, 2018
In 1974, an innocent Irish showband was stopped at what appeared to be a routine checkpoint by men wearing British army uniforms. What happened next is every bit as insane as this clickbait cliffhanger ending to the description implies. Listen now!





The Troubles: 1916 – 1974
February 2, 2018
The first of a three part series about the bloody conflict that plagued Northern Ireland and regularly spilled into other parts of Europe for the better part of three decades. A Patreon Exclusive!




The Problem With Pakistan
January 26, 2018
They’re one of our biggest allies in the war on terror, except for all those times when they’re being the exact opposite. On this episode, Adam and Quincy discuss the tense state of US-Pakistan relations. Listen now!





Would You Vote For Putin?
January 19, 2018
There’s an important election coming up this year…in Russia! Adam and Quincy discuss all of the crazy characters and insane issues involved in the upcoming Russian presidential election. A Patreon Exclusive!




All About Austria
January 9, 2018
If any country would know better than to start embracing right wing extremism again, you’d think it would be Austria. You would be wrong. On this episode, Adam and Quincy discuss Austria’s slow creep to the extreme right. Listen now!





January 2, 2018
This week, Adam and Quincy explore the ideology that fuels every decision made by Russia and Vladimir Putin. A Patreon Exclusive!




Genocide In Myanmar
December 20, 2017
Another week, another genocide to talk about. This time around, we’re discussing the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar. Listen now!





December 13, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss Trump’s recent declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and why it matters. A Patreon Exclusive!




Do We Still Need The EU?
December 6, 2017
The European Union…it’s like the America of Europe! But does the world need it anymore? Britain certainly doesn’t think so, and Russia hopes a lot more countries agree with them in the near future. But are they right? Listen now!





The Crisis In Yemen
November 30, 2017
Yemen is in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis in the country’s history, and the United States is part of the coalition that’s making it happen. A Patreon Exclusive!




November 15, 2017
You’ve probably heard the name “Catalonia” tossed around in the news lately, but do you know what’s actually happening there right now? Adam and Quincy talk about the Catalan independence movement and how it started. Listen now!





The Khmer Rouge
November 9, 2017
Adam and Quincy discuss one of the most brutal and fast moving genocides of all time. The one carried out by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. It’s bleak. A Patreon Exclusive!