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So what’s the deal with Catalonia (or Catalunya, as it’s called in the region)? Something about independence from Spain? Why do they want it, and why doesn’t Spain’s government want them to have it? Adam and Quincy talk about it in this week’s episode:



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Ever since Franco’s regime (he was the dictator who took over after the 1939 Spanish Civil War) and ensuing attempts to homogenize all of Spain under one language and culture, Catalunya as well as other minority groups in Spain have had to fight to maintain their customs and identity. The people of Catalunya recently voted to declare their independence from Spain, and Spain responded with a violent police crackdown, even dragging people away from polling places, injuring nearly 900 people. Why does Spain care if Catalunya declares their independence? Short answer: Catalunya makes up 20% of Spain’s economy. As of right now, Spanish authorities recently annulled the independence vote, fired the Catalan government, dissolved the Parliament, and called a new regional election for next month. The ruling came as pro-independence protesters blocked roads and stopped commuter trains in the north-eastern region as part of a strike to protest the jailing of Catalan leaders and activists.

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