The Best ’90s Sitcoms – LIST! CAST!

Hey! If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve been listening to an episode of LIST! CAST! The episode about the best 90s sitcoms, to be exact. Excellent choice! There are certainly a lot worse things you could be doing right now. Like not listening to LIST! CAST! for example.

Anyway, you’re probably here to vote in the poll. If you aren’t watching live, we’ve already decided the final outcome of the podcast, but don’t let that stop you from letting your opinion be known. Cast your vote (or votes) for the best 90s sitcom below!

Thanks! We love you!

One thought on “The Best ’90s Sitcoms – LIST! CAST!

  1. I can hardly vote because Drew Carey got cut. And News Radio didn’t make it on here, either. I mean, I’m gonna vote for Frasier…but it bums me out when kids’ stuff makes it through like Keenan & Kel, which is why I won’t vote for Boy Meets World or Sabrina even though I loved them. I haven’t liked the saves lately with the new system.

    Bummer about Wings being cut, but Drew Carey was trashed in another episode and I was hoping for revenge.

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