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Your Home Is Spying On You
March 11, 2019
Adam welcomes Randall Maynard and Brett Rader to talk about how your smart speakers are spying on you and should be thrown out the nearest window immediately. Among other things. Features dueling soundboards!

Re-Remembering Kurt Cobain
March 4, 2019
Shady firings! Custodial hierarchy! Weird animal stories! A guitar-fueled attempted kidnapping! This episode has it all!

An American Mystery
February 25, 2019
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Rachele Friedland and Olivia Haidar to discuss the strange disappearances of young Saudi nationals living in America and who might be behind it all. Listen now!

The Motel Magnate Who Will Take Us To Space
February 19, 2019
Adam welcomes comedians Jessica Singer, David Christopher Bell, and Tom Reimann to discuss one of the most under the radar figures in US space travel…former Budget Suites CEO Robert Bigelow. Listen now!

Brands We Thought Were Dead
February 12, 2019
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Andy Sell and Rivers Langley to talk about some brands we all assumed were dead that, against all odds, are still thriving today. Listen now!

Right-Wing Extremist Violence In America
February 5, 2019
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Matt Lieb and Jay P. Brown talk about the rise of right-wing extremist violence in the United States. Listen now!

Music That Led To Real Life Murders
January 29, 2019
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Alex Schmidt and Tom Reimann to talk about famous songs that led to actual murders. Listen now!

Beloved Sex Criminals From Music History
January 22, 2019
Adam and co-host Vanessa Gritton talk to Cindy Aravena and Annie Lederman about some of music history’s most respected pedophiles. Listen now!

Racism In the NFL
January 15, 2019
Adam welcomes Brett Rader, Quincy Johnson II, and Papp Johnson to discuss the various racism scandals plaguing the NFL these days. Listen now!

Things To Look Forward To In 2019
January 8, 2019
Adam welcomes comedians Quincy Johnson, Chris Crittenden, and Kristal Adams to talk about all the things you have to look forward to in 2019. Listen now!

A New Year, A New You
January 1, 2019
Adam welcomes comedian Penina Beede and new joint co-host Randall Maynard to talk about some weird New Year’s traditions from around the world, make some New Year’s resolutions, and all sorts of other New Year’s merriment. Listen now!

The Best Everything of 2018
December 18, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Andy Sell, Alex Schmidt, and Joe Kaye to talk about the best movies, music, and TV shows of 2018. Listen now!

The Craziest Things Russia Did In 2018
December 11, 2018
Adam welcomes Danger Van Gorder, Rivers Langley, and Sean White to talk about some of the craziest news stories that came out of Russia in 2018. Listen now!

Terrifying News We Overlooked In 2018
December 4, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Francesca Fiorentini, Matt Lieb, and Anna Valenzuela to reflect on some horrifying news stories from 2018 that didn’t get enough attention. Listen now!

Online Harassment Around the World
November 27, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Monrok, Teresa Lee, and Kelly McInerney to discuss online harassment of women in the United States and around the globe. Listen now!

Industries We Should Replace With Robots
November 13, 2018
Adam welcomes Tom Reimann, David Christopher Bell, and Kevin Anderson to talk about the future of robots in the workplace and which jobs should and shouldn’t be replaced by automation. Listen now!

Drug Dealers: A Storytelling Episode
November 6, 2018
Adam welcomes guests Quincy Johnson II, Laura Crawford, John Fahy, and Jessica Singer to a very special storytelling podcast about interactions with drug dealers. Listen now!

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi
October 30, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Laura Crawford and Adam Feuerberg to talk about Saudi Arabia and their insane cover-up of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Listen now!

Reminder: China Is Terrifying
October 23, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Alex Schmidt, Matt Leib, and Olivia Haidar to talk about all of the terrifying things the Chinese government is up to these days. Listen now!

The #MeToo Trials
October 16, 2018
Adam and special guests Vanessa Gritton and Joe Dosch talk about the possibility that the Kavanaugh hearings were just a Republican effort to discredit the #MeToo movement. Listen now!

SNL Is Still Part Of The Problem
October 9, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Kelly McInerney and Jon Shefsky to discuss all the ways SNL lowkey makes the Trump problem even worse. Listen now!

How Trump Has Changed Horror Movies
October 2, 2018
Adam welcomes special guests Michael Swaim and Dave Waite to talk about how the Trump presidency has impacted the horror movie industry. Listen now!

The News Of The Day
September 25, 2018
Adam welcomes comedians Tom Goss, Matt Lieb, and Jon Shefsky to talk about social media censorship, a crazy Stormy Daniels story, a two headed snake, and so much more.

September 18, 2018
Adam and guest co-host Vanessa Gritton welcome comedians Madison Shepard and Katie Merriam to talk about the creepy sex trafficking cult known as NXIVM. Listen now!

Things You Forgot About 9/11
September 11, 2018
Adam and special guest co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Keith Carey and Hana Michels to talk about some weird facts about 9/11 that you’ve probably forgotten by now. Listen now!

The Unpopular Opinions Episode (Pt. 3)
September 4, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedian Travis Clark and actor Jonathan Sadowski to discuss some opinions that aren’t…popular. You know, just like the name of the show implies! Listen now!

The Future Of Weed In America
August 28, 2018
Adam got a machine that makes weed butter and he’s ready to talk about it. He’s joined by fellow weed enthusiasts Vanessa Gritton and Jessica Singer to discuss other weed gadgets that might be worth owning and whether Trump will be the president who finally legalizes weed. Listen now!

Why Brett Watches Big Brother
August 21, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Kelly McInerney and Radostin Zahariev to talk about all the weird things people are watching on webcams these days. Listen now!

The Upcoming Era of Contested Elections
August 14, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Matt Lieb and Chet Wild to discuss the potential for delayed elections in this country, an unsettling advance in voting technology in West Virginia, claims of Russian penetration, and other stories related to the upcoming elections in this country.

Who Is QAnon?
August 7, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Cindy Aravena and Chris Crittenden to talk about the weird origins and beliefs of the QAnon conspiracy community. Listen now!

Everything Is Trying To Kill You
July 31, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Greg Edwards and Alex Schmidt to discuss some insane product recalls happening right now. Includes killer cereal, tainted salads, cedar chests that murder children, a potential IKEA horror show, and so much more.

When Romania Banned Abortion
July 24, 2018
Wondering what the world looks like when abortion is banned? A notorious dictator showed us once. It wasn’t good. We talk about it on this episode, featuring comedians Maria Shehata and Katie Merriam. Listen now!

Is Trump An Actual Russian Spy?
July 17, 2018
We look into the origins of the Mueller Russia investigation, argue about whether Trump is a tool of the Russian government, and then argue even more about Trump’s sway over racists in this country. With guests Jay Washington and Isaac Simpson.

The Good News Episode
July 10, 2018
The world is a nightmare right now and all the news is bad. Except for the news you’ll hear on this week’s episode! With comedian Vanessa Gritton and musician Danger Van Gorder. Listen now!

Let’s Talk About Incels
July 3, 2018
What’s an incel? Are you an incel? We talk about those questions and more on this week’s episode, featuring comedians Caitlin Cutt and Matt Brousseau.

But Seriously, We Kinda Need A Space Force
June 26, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedian Nadav Fleischer to discuss the surprisingly long history of the space force debate in the United States and the reasons why the idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Whatever Happened To Going Postal?
June 19, 2018
On this episode we explore that question and what it could tell us about preventing mass shootings today. With Alex Schmidt and Tom Reimann.

Do We Need Universal Basic Income?
June 12, 2018
Is that 30 year old dude who got evicted from his parents’ house a walking stereotype or a symptom of something much larger? A little bit of both, actually. With comedian Joe Kaye and chill art guy Randall Maynard.

Who Is George Soros?
June 5, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome Washington Post writer Dave Weigel and comedians Kevin Anderson and Olivia Haidar to discuss the guy the right blames for all the ills of the world… George Soros.

What Trump Said About MS-13
May 29, 2018
Did you hear that thing Trump said about MS-13? We have a lot of thoughts on it, and we’re talking about them on this episode. Featuring guests Jay Washington and Vanessa Gritton.

2018 Summer Movie Preview
May 22, 2018
What better way to enjoy the warm summer weather than by sitting indoors watching movies? On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome comedians TK Kelly and John Fahy to discuss some upcoming films that we are (and are not) looking forward to.

Russia and the Fourth Political Theory
May 15, 2018
You know Russia is meddling in our affairs. But do you know how bad the problem really is or what the end goal might be? On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome Quincy Johnson II, Aaron Pita, and Samantha Clarke to discuss that very thing!

Weird News You Missed While The World Burned
May 8, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Chet Wild and Madison Shepard to discuss weird news stories you probably didn’t have time to pay attention to because of Trump. Listen now!

Unpops Customer Service Vol. 1
May 1, 2018
On this very special episode, Adam and Brett address your questions, complaints, and concerns about the Unpops Network and life in general. Listen now!

America’s Most Dangerous Phone
April 24, 2018
Have you heard about those Chinese smartphones the government doesn’t want you to buy? We bought one! We talk about that phone and why the government is so afraid of it entering the US market. Listen now!

Kill Your Facebook!
April 17, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome Alex Schmidt to discuss the #DeleteFacebook movement, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and all the awful stuff Facebook has been up to over the past few years. Listen now!

What Jessica Jones Is Really About
April 10, 2018
A mostly spoiler-free episode about season two of the Netflix series Jessica Jones and how it deftly (and kinda secretly) explores the depths and dimensions of emotional trauma and abuse. With Anna Valenzuela and Vanessa Gritton. Listen now!

Putting On A Rock Show
April 3, 2018
Scott Shevack, tour manager for the band Portugal. The Man, joins Adam and Brett to talk about the logistics of running a tour, harrowing airplane experiences, a guy in a shark suit, and so much more.

The War On Kratom
March 27, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome returning guest Michael Swaim and first time guest Marina Reimann to discuss the FDA’s shady war on Kratom. Listen now!

Welcome to New California
March 20, 2018
Adam and Brett welcome Michael Swaim to talk about the most recent efforts break the great state of California into two states, one probably less great than the other. Listen now!