Unpopular Opinion: Music That Led to Real Life Murders


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Notorious B.I.G. – “Who Shot Ya?”/Tupac – “Hit ‘Em Up”


No links to sources to be found here, folks. Just Adam’s wild speculation about the role these songs played in the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.


U2 – “Exit”

You know Robert Bardo killed actress Rebecca Schaeffer (depending on your age), but do you know why? Bono. That’s why. Other reasons, too. But Bono is totally one of them.

Rolling Stone


The Beatles – “Helter Skelter”

Charles Manson believed the “White Album” (not its real name) was a message from the Beatles heralding the start of a race war. We use the word “heralding” there because Manson also thought the Beatles were angels. He’s half right these days if nothing else!

Beatles Bible


Drake – “I’m Upset”

Did Drake set up rapper XXXtentacion to be murdered? Almost certainly not, but we talk about it on this episode anyway.



Frank Sinatra – “My Way”


Careful how you sing this song at karaoke bars in the Philippines. Also maybe leave the drugs alone while you’re there. Shit is crazy right now.



50 Cent – “Ghetto Qu’ran”

Did this song get Jam Master Jay murdered? Several people probably know the answer to that, but they definitely aren’t talking.

The Source


Guns ‘N Roses – “I Used To Love Her”


This song has been used in evidence in two different murder trials. Axl must be so proud!

Metal Report


Pearl Jam – “Jeremy”


Because of the video, people think this is a song about a kid who shoots up his class. It’s actually about a kid who shot himself in front of his class. Too bad it took a lot of years for that message to reach people.

Metal Report


Bob Dylan – “One More Cup Of Coffee”

Don’t let this story distract from the fact that Desire is one of Bob Dylan’s finest albums. “Isis” still slaps hard. The song, not the terrorist organization.

Expecting Rain


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