Unpopular Opinion Episode #254 – Show Notes

Hey, bookworm! If you found this post it probably means you’re looking for links to the stories we talked about on this week’s episode of Unpopular Opinion. You know, the one about crazy product recalls!

If you’d like to listen to the podcast all over again while you read, you can do that right damn here.

Anyway, here go those links.

McDonald’s Salads Are Giving People Parasites (Via Newsweek)

Oh, the irony! The healthiest possible choice at McDonald’s turns out to be the menu item most likely to give you explosive diarrhea. Way to back the wrong horse, herbivores!

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Is Spreading Salmonella (Via Washington Post)

This is tragic. No other words for it. Honey Smacks is a quality, salt of the earth cereal that doesn’t deserve to be swept up in the ways of the meat and vegetable world. But alas, here we are. Don’t eat those Honey Smacks in your kitchen. They might kill you.

Talcum Powder Has Been (Maybe) Giving Women Cancer Since The 1970s (Via CNN)

Somehow, the science is still out on this thing that we’ve apparently been wondering about for damn near 50 years now.

IKEA Kills Kids And Pets Alike (Via Good Housekeeping and CNN)

In their defense, they also kill it at the Swedish meatball game.

You Might Have A Deadly Cedar Chest In Your Home (Via Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Cedar Chest: The Chest That Eats Children — In theaters this Summer!

We Still Aren’t Sure If Soccer Turf Causes Cancer (Via Men’s Health)

We talked about this on an episode a long time ago. Turns out there is almost zero new information. On the bright side, who the hell still plays soccer in this country?

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