Unpopular Opinion – Ep. 356 – Don’t Plant the Mystery Seeds

Adam talks to comedians Atif Myers and Stuart Thompson about an NBA bubble controversy, drive-thru gun permits in Pittsburgh, a shark attack in Maine, mystery seed packets from China, and so much more!

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Reference Links

LA Clippers’ Lou Williams Leaves NBA Bubble to Visit Strip Club


Pittsburgh Now Offers Drive-Thru Open Carry Permits

Meanwhile, 24 People Were Shot In 24 Hours Last Weekend In Chicago


Speaking of Crazy, North Carolina Is Limiting Liquor Sales to Fight COVID


Hey, Hopefully No One Needs To Be Told This, But Don’t Plant Those Mystery Seeds You Got In the Mail From China 


Woman Attacked By Shark In Maine


Kanye West Paid People To Sign His Petition To Get On the Illinois Presidential Ballot

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About the Author
Samantha Clarke is a writer, blogger and comedian who helps Adam Tod Brown out with the dirty work. You can find her own writing on her newsletter, substack.goodworks.com, or buy her poetry books on amazon.com/author/samanthaclarke