Unpopular Opinion – Ep. 280 – “Brands We Thought Were Dead”

Hey! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for links to the stories we talked about on this week’s episode of Unpopular Opinion.

You know the one! It’s about brands you won’t believe are, against all odds, out there still thriving in the world. It features Adam Tod Brown, Randall Maynard, Andy Sell, and Rivers Langley.

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And here come those links!

There’s Still a Sambo’s Pancake House In Santa Barbara

Via KCET.org

Does that name sound offensive to you? That’s because it totally is, no matter what the founders claimed to the contrary. This used to be a national chain, but only one location remains today, in liberal California.

So, business isn’t exactly thriving, but still. It’s insane that you can still eat at a Sambo’s in 2019 at all.

Kenny Roger’s Roasters Is Still Thriving In Asia

via Time.com

Do people in the United States even realize this was an actual place a person could go to eat food? It’s most notable in this country for being a plot line in a Seinfeld episode. But you haven’t experience sides until you’ve sampled the variety of sides available at a Kenny’s. Here’s hoping they make a comeback in this country someday. Asia probably doesn’t even realize how good they have it right now.

But Also Chi-Chi’s Is Thriving In Europe

via Wikipediah

What do you do when your food makes a bunch of people sick and a kills a few more, just weeks after you filed for bankruptcy? Easy! You move your operations to Europe and act like none of it ever happened!

Candy Cigarettes Are Still Super Duper Available

via Wikipedia

I’m always surprised when I see these at those crazy candy outlets with all the plastic bins. They’re banned in a bunch of countries, but not in the United States, because fuck these kids. How are we gonna get them into vaping without candy cigarettes?

Way back when they were first introduced we were already asking if they were maybe a bad idea, with the thinking being that candy cigarettes desensitize kids to real cigarettes and make them more likely to smoke in the future.

Studies have shown that’s true!

They were banned in North Dakota from 1953-1967, which is mind-blowing mostly because that detail implies there was an active and aggressive candy cigarette lobby working feverishly on this issue that entire time.

You Can Still Buy Tab Cola

via Target.com

This is fine. Tab was good. Or was good. It’s still alive. When the inevitable Back to the Future reboot happens they should team up and get Tab back in the game.

Other Links

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