Unpopular Opinion Ep. #255 – Who Is QAnon? – Show Notes

Oh, you like to read? Well how novel of you! Ha! Get it? Novels are a thing you read. Anyway, if you’ve found this post it probably means you’re looking for links to the articles we discussed on this week’s episode of Unpopular Opinion.

Sure, we have those. But wouldn’t you also like to listen to the episode again while you read? Sure you would! Do that right here!

And now here come those links, brainiac.

Profiles Of QAnon (Via The Daily Beast and The New York Times)

One thing worth noting right off the bat…not a lot of links for this episode. That said, the links we do have will potentially occupy the entirety of your day, so take solace in that I reckon.

These first two stories are really good explainer articles for anyone looking for a basic understanding of what in the holy hell QAnon even is. Granted, you’ll still come away at least a little confused, but since when have you NOT come away from a new story involving Trump with that feeling?

The Authoritarians (Via TheAuthoritarians.org)

We go into a whole lot of detail about a book called The Authoritarians on this episode. Fittingly enough, this is the website where you can check out that book for free. Or if audio books are more your speed, go to audibletrial.com/unpopsnetwork and sign up for a free trial. The book is available there as well.

See? I told you there weren’t a lot of links for this episode. Use the time you saved today to do something nice for yourself.