The Most Under-Reported Bad News of 2017

With Brett Rader and Tom Reimann!

You know 2017 was bad, but do you know how bad it really was? With all the awful things that did manage to make headlines this year, a bunch of other equally terrible stories flew mostly under the radar. We talk about some of them on this episode. Oh, also Brett Rader and Tom Reimann are the guests! Listen now!

Guess what! 2017 was even more of a shit-show than you thought! Here’s some under-reported awful stuff to really spice up that holiday cheer.

Trump’s Global Abortion Gag Order – The feminist commie on staff really really hates this one (it’s me, I’m the feminist commie, surprise!) and no one is talking about it even though it’s basically the first thing Trump did when he took office and was basically a way to give a giant finger to women in response to the January 21 Women’s March. This is a Reagan-era policy that bans international organizations that receive US funding from providing abortion services or even discussing or offering information about abortions. The US is the single largest donor to global health efforts, providing nearly $3 billion just through the United States Agency for International Development, so this is a big problem…because this doesn’t just take away funding for abortions and other reproductive care, it actually pulls funding across the board to any organization that provides these services.

The Flint Water Crisis Is Actually A Nationwide Crisis – Not only does Flint, Michigan still not have clean water, a Reuters investigation found that lead levels in water in almost 3,000 different areas across the country were significantly higher than in the notoriously poisonous Flint water supply. More than 1,100 of these areas had a rate of elevated blood tests at least four times higher than Flint, and they span from rural areas like Warren, Pennsylvania to neighborhoods in cities like Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia. This is a national fucking crisis, and no one is talking about it.

The Army Altered Accounting Records And Now $6 Trillion Is Unaccounted For – Yes, you read that right…six TRILLION dollars. Like, we all know the military isn’t exactly ship-shape on their records, but come on. That’s some secretly-built-a-time-machine-and-didn’t-account-for-it-in-the-budget money.

The Navy Is Killing Millions Of Sea Animals During Training Exercises – Of course the goddamn military is on here twice. And for like, killing whales and dolphins en masse. WTF, Navy?

The Anti-Propaganda Center – Right at the end of 2016, Obama signed a bill that established an “anti-propaganda” organization which is totally just another creepy surveillance apparatus that Trump has at his disposal now.

Shell Knew Exactly How Bad Climate Change Was Way Back In 1991 – They even produced a documentary about how foolish and irresponsible it would be to wait and see if science ever reaches a consensus on global warming before doing something about it. But then that’s exactly what they did for the next 25 years or so. Yay capitalism!

Transgender Murders Are Happening At An Alarming Rate (And Are Rarely Solved) – Everyone has talked a lot about the increasing rate of hate crimes this year, but mostly against Latinos, Jews, and Muslim and Middle Eastern/North African folks. But not only are transgender folks (especially women, and especially people of color) the most highly targeted and vulnerable group in our society–Black trans women are murdered at a rate of 1 in 2,600, compared to 1 in 19,000 for the general population–the rate is actually going up, and the murders are almost never solved.


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