Unpopular Opinion Ep. 216 – 5 Enemy Names You Might As Well Learn Now

This week Adam and Jeff talk about some of the upcoming names you’ll be hearing about as enemies of America with our guests Randall Maynard of Cracked.com fame and Connor McSpadden from the Mean Boys podcast and our own Conspiracy! The Show! There’s also some reminiscing on the contentiousness of the last time these particular guests were on a show together:



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It’s going to be a long couple of years, America. A couple weeks ago we did an episode about how we’d be at war in Africa soon. The following Monday, Tillerson and Mattis were lobbying Congress to expand the 2001 war authority issued to fight terrorists in the Middle East to include military action in Africa as well. No one cared, of course, because that was the same day the first Russia indictments happened (also Kevin Spacey). So, we’ll have a lot of fun new enemy names to learn in the next few years as we take our anti-terror tour to Africa. Listen to the episode to find out more!




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