Things To Look Forward To In 2018


So 2017 was a bummer, which is a bummer because 2016 was also a bummer. But hey! Maybe 2018 will be better! If nothing else, we do have some good things to look forward to. Adam welcomes Danger Van Gorder and Dave Waite to discuss! Things like…


The Winter Olympics

Despite the fact that the Olympics bring death and destruction with them wherever they go, and the fact that this year’s Winter Olympics will be located in PyeongChang which is a handy dandy stone’s throw from North Korea (the perfect location during these tense political times, of course), Adam is way too excited for them for one reason: women’s figure skating, which is not only his favorite Olympic sport but the one he will assure you is the actual best.


Black Mirror Season Four

This show speaks for itself. No word yet on when they’ll release it, but they’ve already put up a ton of trailers.


The Purge: Island

Every fan of Unpops knows that The Purge is Adam’s favorite franchise, and a new installment comes out this year, and it’s a prequel that explains the events leading up to the first movie!


Ginger Emojis

Finally! Your electronic devices will recognize redheads as real people!


Comeuppance (or: the Ever-Fleeting Sinews of Actual Justice)

Who the hell knows who’s next on the old social chopping block, and the lines aren’t particularly distinct right now, but we managed to get rid of a few truly horrific people in major positions of power this year due solely to their sins finally coming under scrutiny. Trump has created a goddamn tornado of crime around himself and built a brand out of shock and chaos so he’s likely insulated against a lot of his misdeeds, but the same apparently can’t be said for other titans. Here’s to hoping for more high-profile shitheads being ousted and a new culture of transparency instituted. Har har.


Robert Mueller

The boa constrictor of Washington DC is basically being handed evidence and self-incrimination on a daily basis. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice over the last weekend. It’s not going to undo the damage that Trump and the Republicans are doing, but it may yet set us up for a gigantic swing in the opposite direction.


…and more! Listen to the episode! I refuse to spoil it all for you!






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