The 12 Pods of Christmas – The Burner Phone Show – “Snowflesh”

The 12 Pods of Christmas cannot be stopped! We meant to tell you that! We thought we did! We thought we told you that the 12 Pods of Christmas cannot be stopped! 

Day five part two brings us to a special moment in Unpops Network history. A new show. It’s a baby. A delicious little baby that’s barely even seen the world. 


We call it “The Burner Phone Show” and it’s our version of a call-in show. And by that we mean it’s a call-in show. People call us, we talk to them, it’s great. We didn’t invent the format, but neither did Chelsea Handler or whatever the fuck. 

Sorry. We’re gonna nap. Here’s The Burner Phone Show. To get past and future episodes, subscribe to Unpops on Patreon!