The 12 Pods of Christmas – Podcast Supernova – “King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut”

The 12 Pods of Christmas! Day four, part two! Up next, the pilot episode of Podcast Supernova, a podcast about the life and history of the band Oasis. 

Don’t like Oasis? Well, we really can’t stress this enough…it doesn’t matter. You will have a damn fun time listening to this show, whether you care about the band in question or not. 

On this episode, hosts Adam Tod Brown, Andy Sell, and Travis Clark discuss the formative years of the band, before they had a record a deal. Back when Liam Gallagher was getting music beaten into him by way of a hammer. 

That actually happens in this episode. And so many other things. If you want to hear the rest, subscribe to Unpops on Patreon