Terrifying News We Overlooked In 2018 – Unpopular Opinion Ep. 271 – Show Notes

Hello! Welcome to the official home of source links for the most recent episode of the Unpopular Opinion podcast! You know, the one about terrifying news we overlooked in 2018. Your guests are Francesca Fiorentini, Matt Lieb, and Anna Valenzuela.

If you’re wanting to listen to that episode again while you read, we’d certainly encourage that. Do so right damn here.

And now here come those links!

The FBI Has Been Using The Best Buy Geek Squad As Paid Informants For Years (via eff.org)

Mostly just to catch pedophiles though, so it’s fine! For now!

Humans Have Wiped Out 85 Percent of Mammal Life On Earth (via CBS)

Surprising? Nope, not really.

The US Lowkey Backed A Coup Attempt In Venezuela (via Bloomberg)

Can you believe we intervened in the affairs of Latin American government? Of course you can! But can you believe we’ve been trying to keep it a secret this whole time? Since when are we shy about foiling socialism?

That Weird Solar Observatory Evacuation Was Over Child Porn (via USAToday)

Of course, of course.

A Michigan State University Economist and a Bunch of Grad Students Uncovered $21 Trillion In Unauthorized Government Defense Spending (via MSU Today)

You’re hearing a lot about that missing $21 trillion dollars right now. You should’ve been hearing about it all year long, because this has been a thing we knew about since December of last year.

MIT Researchers Built A Computer That Transcribes The Words You Say In Your Head (via MIT)

Don’t buy this. It’s one step closer to us all having implants in our brain stems.