Do you subscribe to Unpops on Patreon? No? That’s fine. We get it. Times are tough. Maybe you’re working on an entertainment budget of zero dollars or less. That’s why we offer free, bi-weekly versions of most of our shows on iTunes and many of the other places where podcasts normally live.

Let’s say you have a few bucks a month to throw around, though. Five dollars per month, to be exact. If you can spare that, you can turn the Unpops Podcast Network into an entertainment value of unspeakable proportions. Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly episodes of nine different shows. All killer, no filler.
  • Four monthly, subscriber-only shows
  • Access to interactive, live-streaming versions of some shows

That’s ten podcast episodes per week for just five dollars per month. Relax, we did the math, it breaks down to 12.5 cents per episode. That’s less than a quarter. You’d spend more money using a payphone, if those things still existed. It’s an incredible value. Enough entertainment to keep you entertained for an entire week, and by that we mean approximately two hours per day, Monday through Friday. Still, that’s a lot!

If you want more information about the shows we offer, head to the “Podcasts” page to be thoroughly convinced.

If you’re ready to subscribe now, head to to get it handled. As a subscriber, you will be have access to Patreon-only episodes of all the shows hosted by Adam Tod Brown.

For your convenience, we also have a handy FREE RSS-feed for all Unpops Podcast Network shows that are not hosted by Adam Tod Brown. Just enter this URL into your preferred podcast feed reader:

At this time, we do not have a single RSS-feed for the free episodes of the shows hosted by Adam Tod Brown. You can listen to those free episodes by subscribing to each of those podcasts individually on iTunes.

Thanks, we love you!