Wondering who makes the songs you hear on the various Unpops shows? Good news! You can find them right damn here!

Unpopular Opinion

Les Juanitos – “Octopussy” (intro)

Countless Thousands – “Gang Fight” (outro)

NanoWaR – “NanoWaR of Steel” (“This Week In Me” segment music)

Chris Zabriskie – “NirvanaVEVO” (“Your Voice Matters” segment music)


Your State Is Insane

Sliceberg S.L.I.M. – “Geezus (God Forgive Me)” (intro and outro)


The Least Anticipated Podcast Of the Week

Accidents – “Three Dates With a Lesbian” (intro)

Accidents – “Get To the Door” (outro)



Marsel Minga – “Drum Machine Battle” (intro and outro)

The Monday Show

Countless Thousands – “8-Bit Gang Fight” (intro and outro)

King Cobra – “Young Love” (“If I Was King” segment music)

BoxCat Game – “Battle (End)” (“Are We Doomed?” segment music)

Les Juanitos – “Funkula” (“Idol Bashing” segment music)

The Deltorers – “One Night Stand With A Ghost” (“Fucking White People” segment music)

DJ BrownBum – “Good Kids – Bad Kids” (“These Fucking Kids” segment music)

Ian Alex Mac – “The Ghost Strings” (“Spooky!” segment music)


What In The World?

Les Juanitos – “Black Samba” (intro/outro)


In Broad Daylight

Steve Combs and Delta Is – “Under Attack” (intro/outro)


Get Lit!

Malaventura – “Breeze Funk” (intro/outro)


What’s Your Problem?

EAT! – “Coffee Fight (Make It Right)” (intro/outro)


Pretty Scary

Pandacetamol – “Under A Nightmare” (intro/outro)