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Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network.

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Unpopular Opinion 441: Wisconsin Is Turning Into Texas

Adam and Jeff welcome Olivia Haidar to talk about all the weird ways formerly kinda progressive Wisconsin is slowly turning into Texas. Show notes: https://unpops.co/37OOp3u

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Unpopular Opinion 440: Nuclear War Games

Adam and Jeff welcome Alex Schmidt to talk about Russia’s concept of de-escalation and how it could end in nuclear war. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3pYzEBp

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Unpopular Opinion 439: The War In Ukraine

Adam welcomes Andy Sell and Chet Wild to discuss the ever-evolving conflict in Ukraine and the truth and misinformation surrounding it. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3CiYNeM

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Unpopular Opinion 438: Kwik Trip Girl Takes Wisconsin

Adam and Jeff welcome Brett Rader to talk about a bunch of local news stories from around the country that you should know more about. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3sqU1c5

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Unpopular Opinion 437: The Hottest Lawsuits Happening Right Now!

Adam welcomes Rebecca Stewart and Kevin Anderson to talk about the hottest and latest lawsuits happening right now! Sarah Palin vs. The New York Times! Brian Flores vs. The NFL! Otters vs. The Children of Dallas! And more! Show notes: https://unpops.co/3LNxtKe

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Unpopular Opinion 436: The Canadian Trucker Protests

Adam talks to Danger Van Gorder and Andy Sell about the Canadian trucker convoy that’s currently occupying downtown Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3Jsr0CC

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Unpopular Opinion 435: Ketchup on Mac and Cheese

Adam welcomes Chet Wild and Jenn Scott to share their unpopular opinions on the Joe Rogan Spotify debacle, inappropriate mac and cheese condiments, the USPS, and so much more! Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3rwa5IU

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Unpopular Opinion 434: International News Roundup: Safe Driving In South Korea

Adam and Jeff talk about South Korea’s plans to monitor brain waves in the name of public safety, Amnesty International’s strained relationship with Alexei Navalny, the catfishing of the Birdman, and so much more! Show notes: https://unpops.co/34dDLBv

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Unpopular Opinion 433: Amazon Employee Horror Stories

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Valerie Tosi to talk about some of the most recent examples of Amazon employee horror stories. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3Kx2elU

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