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Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network.

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Unpopular Opinion 419: International News Roundup: The Truth About Rats and Snakes

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Keith Carey to talk about UK toilet rats, India’s snakebite epidemic, unsurprising soccer racism, and so much more! Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3lR8Scg

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Unpopular Opinion 418: The FBI’s Wild Year

Adam welcomes comedians Atif Myers and Olivia Haidar to talk about the flurry of lawsuits and scandals surrounding the FBI right now. Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3Dvmyjn

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Unpopular Opinion 417: Immigration Joe

Adam welcomes comedians Anna Valenzuela and Olivia Haidar to discuss Joe Biden’s lackluster immigration policies and how they don’t differ that much from Trump’s. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3l7eEq0

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Unpopular Opinion 416: The Hottest Lawsuits Happening Right Now!

Adam talks to Andy Sell and Rebecca Stewart about the Nirvana baby lawsuit, Jay Z taking on the Kansas City PD, illegal FBI seizures, Trump lawsuits, and more! Show notes: https://unpops.co/3i9b78M

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Unpopular Opinion 415: Five Eyes On China

Adam and Jeff welcome Alex Schmidt to talk about the Five Eyes alliance and their recent pivot to becoming a unified front against China. Show Notes: https://unpops.co/fiveeyes

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Unpopular Opinion 414: The Shenanicats Universe

After weeks of talking about nothing but death and destruction and misery, we make a collective decision…f**k it, let’s just talk about animals this week. Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3C6JyEx

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Unpopular Opinion 413: Animal Drugs and Silence Dreams

Adam and Jeff opine on an array of topics, including Joe Rogan’s Covid diagnosis, a famous movie landmark you can sleep in now, a bunch of racists, and so much more! Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3jMtku8

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Unpopular Opinion 412: Anti-Vax Madness

Apologies in advance for whoever decided to do 45 minutes worth of dishes in the background of this episode. Anyway, this week, Adam talks to comedians Dave Yates and Cindy Aravena to talk about how anti-vax types will make sure Covid never goes away.

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Unpopular Opinion 411: International News Roundup: Dining Anarchy In the UK

Adam and Jeff talk to Liz Miele and Maria Shehata about international news stories you should know about!

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