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Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network.

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Unpopular Opinion 425: Questions and Answers

Adam, Jeff, and Chet take it easy this week and spend an hour or so answering your Twitter questions

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Unpopular Opinion 424: The Love Episode

Adam and Jeff are joined by comedian Erik Barnes to share their unpopular opinions about words we should use in place of “love,” Joe Biden’s mostly terrible presidency, the needlessness of movie trailers, Shaquille O’Neal’s place in entertainment history, and so much more!

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Unpopular Opinion 423: It’s Raining Men (and Women)

Adam and Jeff welcome Michael Swaim to talk about a recent outbreak of people falling to their deaths in the most unusual circumstances possible. Show notes: https://unpops.co/325ncGX

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Unpopular Opinion 422: Local News Roundup: The Cayman Islands of the Midwest

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Stuart Thompson to talk about local news stories from around the country that you should know more about! SHOW NOTES: https://unpops.co/30TusFh

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Unpopular Opinion 421: Where Have All the Serial Killers Gone?

Adam welcomes comedians Heather Marulli and Ron Swallow to talk about serial killers. Are there less of them now, or are they just getting harder to catch? Opinions vary! SHOW NOTES: https://unpops.co/3b2WLCY

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Unpopular Opinion 420: Scromit ‘Til You Drop

Adam and Jeff welcome Olivia Haidar to celebrate our 420th episode by talking about the latest marijuana news, including a hilariously terrifying new malady impacting some weed smokers. Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3puYtW6

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Unpopular Opinion 419: International News Roundup: The Truth About Rats and Snakes

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Keith Carey to talk about UK toilet rats, India’s snakebite epidemic, unsurprising soccer racism, and so much more! Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3lR8Scg

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Unpopular Opinion 418: The FBI’s Wild Year

Adam welcomes comedians Atif Myers and Olivia Haidar to talk about the flurry of lawsuits and scandals surrounding the FBI right now. Show Notes: https://unpops.co/3Dvmyjn

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Unpopular Opinion 417: Immigration Joe

Adam welcomes comedians Anna Valenzuela and Olivia Haidar to discuss Joe Biden’s lackluster immigration policies and how they don’t differ that much from Trump’s. Show notes: https://unpops.co/3l7eEq0

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