Series: Unpops Extended Universe

The free episodes of all the Unpops Podcast Network shows that Adam doesn’t host or produce. Includes 2 Non Doctors, 12 Questions, Chupa and the Cabra, Bleak In Review, and more coming soon!

Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #12: PATREON TEASER (w/ Michael James Benson)”

Another tiny chunk of a Patreon-only episode! To hear the rest of this ridiculous episode featuring comedian Michael James Benson and a lot of talk of the amish, head on over to! A mere $5 gets you extra content every week! Plus it’s technically charity, we we’re pretty sure!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #11: Ear Turds (w/ Joe Kaye)”

BLEAK IN REVIEW CONTINUES TO BE A PATREON THING! Go here, give money, get content, feel CONTENT:

Holy lost-stretches of time, Bleakman! Kevin returns to you this week to recount his difficulties with the remembrance of time, as well as some more chaotic news from the neighborhood. Plus, comedian Joe Kaye (@JoeCharlesKaye) returns to the show to chat with Kevin via the internet about the reopening of nightlife industries, earwax problems, and the musical education he has been bestowing upon Kevin!

This episode is sponsored by the medical-ish offices of Dr. Nat Baimel (@NatBaimel)!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #9: Erotic Soup (w/ Erik Barnes)”


Welcome back to Bleak in Review, stay-at-homers! In this delightfully free episode, a very sweaty Kevin rambles on about being in his feels, diving into the world of musicals, and why he likes The Beatles again. Then, comedian / friend of the show Erik Barnes (@ErikWBarnes) returns to the ‘cast via interweb to discuss the illusion of money and how the world of professional wrestling has been affected by the pandemic. Plus, erotica writer Vance Bupples bumbles into Kevin’s connection to discuss his style of writing and read some excerpts from his filthy (sort of) body of work! This episode is brought to you by Larry’s Little Guy Emporium.

Special thanks to Frankie Griffin (@frankieg_baby) for providing this week’s sponsored content! Check out his show Wizarding World Live on Twitter (@wizworldlive) and Instagram(@wizworldlive)!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #8 Patreon Teaser (w/ Nadav Fleisher)”

Hey there! Here’s a little fun-sized teaser of today’s Patreon Only episode featuring comedian Nadav Fleisher (@im_nadav_hello). To hear the full episode and all other Patreon content, head on over to and consider pledging a few bucks! Thanks!

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Bleak In Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #7: Erection Ralph (w/ Matt Brousseau)”


Welcome back to Bleak, fellow pandemic-endurers! In this Quarantine Quickie, Kevin rambles about aimless self-care drives, moms that drop dark truth bombs, and unexpected mail. Plus, comedian / podcaster/ former Bleak in Review co-host Matt Brousseau (@CapitalCityInc) joins the show over the interwebs to chat with Kevin about lockdown work habits, surreal quarantine experiences, and whether or not baseball will survive!

This week’s sponsored content provided by Hailey McLaughlin (@haileytjmclaughlin)! Check out her podcast SAHM and Spinster here!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #5: Pandemic in Paradise (w/ Evan Kessler)”


Welcome back, quarantine kiddos! In this installment from the bunker, Kevin discusses becoming a thirst trap, catching a virtual oarfish, and toilet paper lifehacks. Plus, comedian Evan Kessler (@EvanJKessler) joins the show from his adopted hidey hole in Hawaii to chat with Kevin about his peculiar quarantine experience, social distancing in a foreign land, and what drugs are good to do in an apocalypse!

Thank you to Andy Sell (@andy_sell) for providing sponsored content for this episode!

Follow Kevin @KBAndersonYo! Follow your heart!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #4: A Common Case of Feral Hounds (w/ Ian Ager)”

Welcome to the first ever Tuesday installment of Bleak in Review! In this Quarantine Quickie, Kevin hypes up the new BLEAK IN REVIEW PATREON ( and discusses rotating roommate character profiles and grocery store inside trading. Plus, comedian Ian Ager (@IanAger) returns to the show as Kevin’s first lockdown guest to chat about developments in the pandemic, shopping mishaps, and coping with the chaos through structure!

Special thanks to Matt Brousseau (@CapitalCityInc) for providing additional content on this episode!

Follow Kevin @KBAndersonYo and Bleak in Review @BleakPod!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #3: Please Buy Cars”

In this broadcast from his Fortress of LOLitude (ugh), Kevin waxes comedically about quarantine thirst traps, literal viral marketing, and despicable pandemic politics. Plus, a special message from our parent company, Verticorp!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #2: Butt Felony”

Welcome back to the apocalypse! In this Quarantine Quickie, Kevin discusses older brothers with stun guns, pandemic togetherness, and media consumption. Plus, the debut of another track from “The Quarantine Titan” entitled “Back Again!” Watch the dumb music video here. Follow Kevin on Twitter here. Have a good time…ALWAYS!

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Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #1: Pay It Forward”

Welcome to the first of many Bleak in Review Quarantine Quickies, inspired by the fact that Kevin can’t leave his home! In this short episode, Kevin waxes on rude apocalypse people and answers YOUR questions submitted via social media! Plus, the debut of the first single from Kevin’s upcoming (hopefully) hip hop EP “The Quarantine Titan” entitled “Bidet Liotta.” Stay safe and follow Kevin @KBAndersonYo and this podcast @BleakPod!

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