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Pretty scary, right!?

Not as scary as this week’s episode about murders that happened on Halloween night! Check it out!



Halloween Night Murders


The Trick Or Treat Murder


Joan Rabel convinced a random woman named Goldyne Pizer to help her murder this guy, Peter Fabiano, claiming he was “a vile, evil man who wanted to destroy all the people around him.” They planned the murder for months, purchased a gun and two bullets, and on Halloween night Goldyne put on a Halloween mask and walked to the front door with the gun concealed in a trick or treat bag. When Peter answered the door, she shot him. Joan and Goldyne burned the costume and, before parting, Joan’s last words to Goldyne were “forget you ever knew me.” Turned out Peter and his wife Betty had recently reconciled after they’d split over Betty’s affair with–you guessed it–Joan Rabel.



The Candy Man


Ronald O’Bryan was convicted in 1974 of murdering his own son, eight year-old Timothy, by way of cyanide-laced Pixy Stix. His motive was collecting on a life insurance policy. At the time of the murder, he was over $100,000 in debt. His process was creepy as hell…on Halloween night he and a neighbor took their four kids trick-or-treating. At one point they knocked on the door of a home where no one answered. The kids grew impatient so O’Bryan sent everyone ahead while he waited to see if maybe they’d answer, and sure enough, he caught up to the group later armed with five 21-inch Pixy Stix. He gave four of the treats to the four kids, and later gave another to a kid he recognized from church. The Pixy Stix in question had been opened, the top two inches filled with cyanide powder, and then resealed with a staple. Ronald actually helped his son get the powder out when they got home that night, and Timothy died on his way to the hospital. None of the other kids ate theirs, thankfully, and police were able to recover them. Fuckin monster.



The Leslie Mazzara/Adriane Insogna Murders


On Halloween night 2004 (technically the morning of November 1), Eric Copple broke into a home rented by Adriane Insogna, Leslie Mazzara, and Lauren Meanza. Meanza woke up at 1am after hearing a scuffle happening somewhere in the house. Terrified, she fled and hid in the backyard. She saw an assailant climb out a window a short time later. When she went back inside, she found her roommates slaughtered.

The creepiest part about this one is that no one knows Copple’s motive, including Copple himself. When he turned himself in 11 months later, he claimed he remembered taking a serrated knife (serrated!) and driving to their home (they were friends of his fiancée), and climbing in the window, and nothing after that. No one still has any idea why the fuck he went from normal dude to murderer for no reason.


The Murders of Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman


On Halloween 1981, Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman were murdered in their Chelsea apartment. The couple was severely beaten before being shot in the head execution style. Shit got weird real fast in the investigation; turns out a prison inmate predicted the crime a week before it happened. That inmate was David Berkowitz aka The Son of Sam, who was rumored to be involved with a cult that helped him commit the murders. The prediction was that he cult was going to enter an apartment near Greenwich Village (which is close to Chelsea) and commit the murder. When questioned he claimed Sisman had footage of one of the Son of Sam killings that he was planning to turn over to authorities. The case is still unsolved. What the actual creepy-ass fuck, am I right?



The Death of Chris Jenkins


This one is weird…it’s not only an unsolved murder on Halloween night, it also maybe connects back to a fascinating possible serial killer. On Halloween night, 2002, Chris Jenkins was last seen leaving a Minneapolis bar. His body turned up four months later along the Mississippi River, still wearing his Halloween costume, and it was initially ruled an accident or suicide. But police reopened the case a few years later after receiving a tip in 2005 from an inmate who had specific details about the crime scene, including the specific spot where Chris Jenkins was thrown off a bridge. The case is still unsolved.

Some suspect he may be a victim of the mysterious and as of yet unconfirmed to exist Smiley Face Killer, a killer or group of killers that has (maybe?) been linked to as many as 40 deaths. The victims are mostly white frat-boy types, and in every case the death was ruled an accidental drowning or suicide. In many cases a smiley face was found spray-painted where their body was discovered (hence the name). Police haven’t confirmed this to be an investigation, but also–if you really want to catch a serial killer, why would you? And it’s hard to believe they aren’t handling the case of a serial killer who targets straight middle class white guys pretty carefully. Just saying.



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