What in the World? – Catalonia

So what’s the deal with Catalonia (or Catalunya, as it’s called in the region)? Something about independence from Spain? Why do they want it, and why doesn’t Spain’s government want them to have it? Adam and Quincy talk about it in this week’s episode:     Cool people also save themselves the trouble of listening […]

What in the World: Trans Rights in Iran

Quick, think of places in the world that are actually not the most horrific for trans folks. Did you think of Iran? No? Well you were wrong, because trans folks actually have like a tiny handful of rights there compared to lots of places. The government has recognized transgender individuals and allowed them to undergo sex reassignment surgery […]

How Turkey Became a Dictatorship | Unpopular Opinion

What in the World: How Turkey Became a Dictatorship

  Today’s episode of What in the World focuses on how Turkey became a dictatorship. You can find the full episode for free here:     Overview   In April of 2017, a mandate to keep Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in power until 2029 passed, effectively making him a dictator. This move didn’t come […]