Unpopular Opinion – Ep. 367 – Two Weeks ‘Til Election Day Blues

Adam welcomes Caitlin Cutt and Danger Van Gorder to discuss some of the most shocking election stories happening right now and make some predictions about the outcome Listen Here iTunes: https://apple.co/Q5iRJa Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Wl8uEd Megaphone: https://bit.ly/2IdrxNE Stitcher: http://bit.ly/2t4UYKw  Reference Links The NBC Town Hall Fiasco https://www.cracked.com/blog/nbc-secretly-endorsing-trump-president/ https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2020-10-15/trump-town-hall-nbc-don-lemon-cnn Deceptive Ballot Boxes https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/14/politics/california-republicans-ballot-drop-boxes-cease-and-desist/index.html And Other Vote Suppression Stories! […]

Bleak in Review – “QUARANTINE QUICKIE #17: Truth Jesters!!! (w/ Olivia Haidar)”

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Welcome back to your own personal pandemic podcast party! In this installment of Bleak in Review’s Quarantine Quickies, Kevin (@KBAndersonYo) reintroduces the show before chatting about bad band names and gross genres of music. Then, comedian / Unpops colleague Olivia Haidar (@hitherehaidar) returns to the show from 2,500 miles away to goof it up with Kev about being a TRUTH TELLER, the parts of stand up comedy that will hopefully evaporate because of pandemic, and whether or not most people are actually good. This episode is brought to you by AmazonX2.brain!

Bleak in Review – “#206: Patron of the Sharts (w/ Ian Ager & Tommy Bowe)”

This week on Bleak, Kevin talks to himself about hemorrhoids, his friend’s wedding, and Gooigi. Then, comedian Ian Ager returns to the show to chat with Kevin about the dumbest ways he’s ever hurt himself and live streamed bridge accidents in North Carolina. Plus, former voice of Diet Coke Robert Nickette returns to the show to chat with the boys about his new career in the world of audiobooks and introduce a terrifying new friend from the Light Web!

Bleak in Review – “#205: The Gabagulag (w/ Radostin Zahariev & Atif Myers)”

This week on Bleak, Kevin is joined by guest cohost Radostin Zahariev for a rousing discussion on workplace diabetes scares and rowdy bar shows. Then, comedian Atif Myers returns to the show to chat with the boys about his new streamable comedy singles, the over-saturation of step-family porn, and Atif’s journey through rage. Plus, haunted house proprietor Chris Kamaney returns to the show to update everyone on his financial struggles, promote some new haunt experiences at Kamaney Mansion, and enlist Atif and Rad to help pitch diversity scares for the upcoming season.

Bleak in Review – “204: Testicular Pandering (w/ Olivia Haidar, Ethan Stanislawski, & Nadav Fleisher)

Kevin is joined this week by guest host / Destiny 2 fangirl Olivia Haidar from the Lowest Common Phenomenator podcast to discuss milk controversy, panic attacks, and rebounds. Then, comedian Ethan Stanislawski returns to the show to chat with Kev and Liv about being naked on stage and whether or not penises or balls are more embarrassing. Plus, mob boss Frankie Chakra joins the ‘cast to tell the story of his spiritual awakening and hock some of his new age wellness products!

The Water In Puerto Rico

Don’t let the stories about water being restored for 96 percent of Puerto Rico fool you, the situation there is still incredibly dire. On this episode, Adam and Chet discuss the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and the historically misguided plan to fix it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices