The Monday Show – Hotel California

Today! On The Monday Show! We’re taking on Louis CK and the comedy industry, Trump’s (predictably) horrible tax plan, and some of your lovely questions! Listen below, or better yet, listen, subscribe and rate us on iTunes or anywhere else fine podcasts can be found!     Synopsis   Louis CK, right? But he’ll probably […]

Han Solo and the Opioid Crisis (And Other Bad News) | Unpopular Opinion

The Opioid Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse (And Other Bad News)

Oh hi! It’s time for another episode of The Monday Show, which most listeners count among their favorite of all the shows we release on Monday! Check it out right damn here.     Also, read the notes and links from the recording. They’re posted below! You only need to scroll down to see them, […]

Why Isn’t Wonder Woman Being Promoted More?

Welcome to the start of your week! How about kicking things off by listening to the latest episode of The Monday Show? We’ve got that for you right here: Even better, we’ve assembled the notes from this week’s recording so you don’t have to follow along blindly like some kind of uninformed boob. No, you’ll […]