What In The World? – “The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Finals Recap”

Adam and Quincy listen to the songs from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest finals in Tel Aviv

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The 90s Sucked – Operation Desert Storm Pt. 1: The Dead Baby Myth

Adam and Chet begin a month long deep dive into Operation Desert Storm, America’s “good” war in the Middle East. Up first, we examine the US government’s complicated relationship with Saddam Hussein, myths and misconceptions about the invasion of Kuwait, and the fake news that sold Americans on supporting the war.

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Unpopular Opinion – Ep. 297 – “The Listeners Speak!”

Adam welcomes comedians Rivers Langley and Erik Barnes for an episode of nothing but listener opinions! Topics include wearing the wrong size shoes, indifference to endangered animals, aversion to going to the movies, and so much more!

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