Soaked In Bleach


It’s like unofficial Nirvana week around these parts! Hot on the heels of Adam writing up two separate columns about the band, today we have a new episode of You Should Watch This Documentary that covers the highly controversial Soaked In Bleach, a Nirvana documentary.


Soaked In Bleach is the latest film to explore the theory that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

Make it the feel bad movie of your summer! 

Most of the subject matter is drawn from the notes and recordings of private investigator Tom Grant. He was hired by Courtney Love a few days prior to Kurt Cobain’s death, ostensibly to search for her then-missing husband.

Grant was so put off by Love’s behavior that he became convinced she played a role in Cobain’s death. That was in 1994. He hasn’t stopped investigating it since. That’s definitely more than you can say about the Seattle PD.

Many may be reluctant to dive into Soaked In Bleach. You can blame the “conspiracy theory” tag that will forever be affixed to its name for that. However, those fears are unfounded. At its core, this isn’t a conspiracy theory documentary. Rather, it’s a documentary about one of the most insanely bungled death investigations of all-time. Even that isn’t putting it quite correctly, because it implies that there at least was an investigation of some sort.

But hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Watch Soaked In Bleach for yourself on Netflix, then listen to us talk about it on You Should Watch This Documentary.

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