Good Luck America

Good Luck, America – Ep. 29 – Trump and South Africa – Show Notes

Hey, bookworms! If you’re here you’re probably looking for links from this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. It’s about Donald Trump and South Africa. Specifically, how his feelings about the situation in that country reflect those of white nationalists all around the globe. Imagine that! If you want to listen to the episode again while you…

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Good Luck, America: Episode #4 Show Notes

Hello! If you’re here right now, it probably means you’re seeking out the links we promised on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. If you’re here for a different reason, then hey, why not check out this week’s episode of that very same show? Then your trip to this particular post will make so much…

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Good Luck, America Episode Two Source Links

Looking for notes from this week’s episode of Good Luck, America? Well then you’ve come to the right damn place. Also, if you haven’t listened to the episode yet (but still somehow found your way to this collection of source links) fix that right now on iTunes. Maybe give us a good rating and review while…

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