Bleak In Review – Ep. 196 – “Teen Wolves of London (w/ Virginia Jones & Katrina Davis)”

It’s casual Friday today on Bleak, and that means Matt and Kevin kick things off with chatter about proper business attire and hanging out in the woods. Then, comedian Virginia Jones stops by to chat with the fellas about chicken conundrums, eating human flesh, and generational celebrity rumors. Plus, a teen wolf stops by to dish some drama about her last year at monster high school and receive some headin’ off to college advice from the gang. Awooo!

#195: God Frickin’ Slaps (w/ Sean Hyatt & Max Hawksford)

Wolfgang is back, Bleaklings! Kevin gets a hot update on Wolfie’s life before he chats with Matt about hot dates and sweaty advice. Then, comedian / homecoming royalty Sean Hyatt returns to the show to riff with the boys on dance anxiety, high school party buses, and near death experiences. Plus, Millennial Pastor Lars stops by the studio to hype up his hip church and bring a little Jesus into the lives of Ross Dress For Less customers!

#194: Random Acts of Diabetes (w/ Brandie Posey & Erik Barnes)

Welcome to a crisply refreshing installment of Bleak in Review! Matt and Kevin talk of chat rooms, Matt’s weekend fatigue, and Kevin’s trippy arcade times. Then, comedian and one-third of the Lady to Lady podcast Brandie Posey stops by to chat with the boys about her take on astrology and fictional childhood heroes. Plus, gnome real estate agent Chuddles Pinkelvoss stops by to pitch some gingerbread properties and Brandie unleashes a slew of classic catchphrases! With Erik Barnes.

Bleak In Review – “#191: Hanson Devils (w/ Kelly McInerney & Rivers Langley)”

Welcome to Bleak in [Redacted]! In this heavily bleeped intro, Matt talks about something he clearly shouldn’t have and Kevin chats about his trip back home. Then, comedian / aggressively 90’s kid Kelly McInerney returns to the show to review a Hootie and the Blowfish concert and share some of her favorite Hanson-related moments from several eras. Plus, the Scourge of the West himself Kelvin Centigrade stops by to tell some tales of being a scapegoat for a ‘mater smashing festival disaster and reveal dark ties to the music industry. This episode is brought to you by My Goth Iguana!

Bleak In Review – Ep. 190 – “Incompati-Bleak (w/ Michael Regilio & Kat Aagesen)”

In this week’s Bleak, Wolfgang stops by to say “Cheerio!” before Matt and Kevin get into some hot banter about Matt going viral over a Danny Boyle film. Then, comedians / podcast frenemies Michael Regilio and Kat Aagesen stop by to chat about their show “Incompatible,” their conflicting views on public displays of self, and why questions are so important. Plus, Kat’s mother Colleen stops by to boast about her children’s accomplishments and detail her journey as a single mother!