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Pretty Scary 161: The Angel of Death

Adam and Caitlin discuss notorious serial killer Donald Harvey, who gave himself the nickname...

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Conspiracy! The Show 154: The MOVE Bombing

Adam and guest co-host Sliceberg Slim talk about that time the Philadelphia PD burned...

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Unpopular Opinion 397: Burn Your Masks!

Adam welcomes Maria Shehata and Liz Miele from the 2 Non Doctors podcast to...

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You Don’t Even Like Sports 6: Diego Maradona Pt. 6 – Cocaine!

Adam and Jeff reflect on Diego Maradona’s post-Italy years, which were mostly spent doing...

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Unpopular Opinion 396: Cult Leaders In Christmas Lights

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Erik Barnes to talk about local news stories from...

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CelebriTragic 18: The Murder of Dimebag Darrell

Adam and Kari look back on the tragic onstage murder of Pantera guitarist Dimebag...

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Conspiracy! The Show 152: Welcome to Jonestown Pt. 5 – The Ones That Got Away

Adam discusses the final weeks of Jonestown and how the people responsible for the...

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Unpopular Opinion 395: Are We Ready To Talk About UFOs?

Adam welcomes comedians Olivia Haidar and Joe Kaye to talk about those UFO videos...

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