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Unpopular Opinion 421: Where Have All the Serial Killers Gone?

Adam welcomes comedians Heather Marulli and Ron Swallow to talk about serial killers. Are...

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Conspiracy! The Show 174: The Jesse Ventura They Don’t Want You To See Pt. 3 – FEMA Concentration Camps

Unpopular Opinion 420: Scromit ‘Til You Drop

Adam and Jeff welcome Olivia Haidar to celebrate our 420th episode by talking about...

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Pretty Scary 178: Our Impending Feral Hog Apocalypse

Adam and Caitlin delve into a plague that is sweeping the nation right now…feral...

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Unpopular Opinion 419: International News Roundup: The Truth About Rats and Snakes

Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Keith Carey to talk about UK toilet rats, India’s...

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Conspiracy! The Show 172: The Jesse Ventura They Don’t Want You To See Pt. 1 – Plum Island

Adam and Olivia begin an eight-episode journey through the banned second season of Conspiracy...

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Unpopular Opinion 418: The FBI’s Wild Year

Adam welcomes comedians Atif Myers and Olivia Haidar to talk about the flurry of...

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Pretty Scary 176: What Happened to Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams?

Adam and Caitlin revisit a highly frustrating missing persons case from the early 2000s....

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