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Unpopular Opinion 446: We Have the Answers! (Pt. 2)

Adam and Jeff finish answering all those questions you asked on Twitter a few...

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Conspiracy! The Show 195: Kill Jack Bauer

Adam and Olivia reflect on the unfortunate legacy of the long-running Fox television series...

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Unpopular Opinion 445: Lock Him Up?

Adam welcomes Olivia Haidar and Tom Reimann to talk about the prospect of Trump...

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Pretty Scary 196: Robert (Movie Review)

Adam and Caitlin review the bonkers first installment of the Robert movie franchise. (Episode...

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Unpopular Opinion 444: We Have the Answers (Pt. 1)

Adam and Jeff asked you for questions. You asked a whole bunch of questions....

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Conspiracy! The Show 192: Chariots of the Gods?

Adam and Olivia review the documentary that popularized ancient alien theory in the United...

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Unpopular Opinion 443: Mexico vs. The Gunmakers

Adam welcomes Jessica Singer and Atif Myers to talk about international news stories you...

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Pretty Scary 200: The Hazards of Eating People

Adam and Caitlin and a very special surprise guest answer all of your questions...

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