Unpopular Opinion Ep. 199: An Interview With Nathan Barr

Do you watch The Americans on FX? If not, you should fix that immediately. It’s far and away one of the best shows on television. Also, it’s Unpopular Opinion host Adam Tod Brown’s favorite show in the whole world. So you know it must be great, because that guy has really great taste and definitely isn’t the nameless Unpops employee credited with writing this post.

Anyway, this week’s guest is composer Nathan (Nate) Barr. You can listen to the episode right here:



Nate does most of the music you hear on The Americans, including the stellar opening theme. It’s also one of the best on television.

For real, have you started watching this since we asked up there in the intro?

We talk about his work on that show, his days working with Hans Zimmer, and lots of other good stuff. Like what, we pretended you just asked? Like designing and building strange and unique musical instruments. That’s one thing. Check out an example in this video of Nate playing something called a “Sympathetic Drone Cello”:



Pretty damn cool, right? You won’t be at all surprised to learn that the guy who builds stuff like that when he’s not making some of the best music on television makes for a fantastic interview. Even if you have to listen to Adam and Jeff ramble for 20 minutes or so before it starts. Small price to pay, if you’re asking us. Listen to it now!

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