The Monday Show – Ep. 18 – Quiet Storm

Look at that! It’s a new episode of The Monday Show! This week, Adam, Jeff and Raquelle discuss dogs who like weed, the brewing beef between PETA and Warhammer, and the controversy over Uber and the JFK protests. It’s good times! You should listen to every damn second right now.

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If you’re curious as to where the stories that make up this episode come from, look no further. Well, a little further. Further down the page. That’s where you’ll find Adam’s recording notes. Going forward we’ll post those along with each episode whenever they’re available. Here goes!

New Segment: “Goooood Puppy”

From the New York Times: Dogs On Marijuana – Not Cool

Ha! Those dogs like to party! Before you get up in arms about the hazards of marijuana and pets, it’s actually a thing that exists and, just like in humans, helps with pain and anxiety and such.

From the New York Times: Pet On Pot – The Newest Customer Base For Medical Marijuana

It’s just that in stories like the first one, it’s an animal with no experience with marijuana eating an entire edible. That will send most people to the emergency room too.

Idol Bashing: PETA

From io9: PETA Wants Fictional Space Vikings From the Year 40,000 To Stop Wearing Fur

I get that PETA in general fights the good fight and I really do appreciate most of their hard work, but it’s really goddamn annoying when they pull stunts like this. The gist is that they want the fictional space Vikings depicted in the game Warhammer to stop wearing fur. I mean, they aren’t actually wearing fur, obviously. But still, PETA wants them to stop anyway. How in the fuck do they land on a target like this? Of all the things happening with animals in the world, how do they have the time or resources to waste on shit like this?

Defend That Atrocity: Uber and the JFK Protests

From Curbed: How Uber and Lyft Responded To a Taxi Strike at JFK Airport

Call me crazy, but I feel like people overreacted a bit to the Uber/JFK thing. There are so many factors people aren’t considering. For one, the taxi “strike” was one hour and happened at a time when there’s probably way more money to be had staying in the city and shuttling people from work to home (6-7pm). If anything, Uber’s decision to turn off surge pricing around JFK probably cost them more money than what cabs lost by striking for one hour.

Also, those people are protected by a union that would’ve voted on this and made a group decision. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone agreed with the decision. At least Uber left it up to the drivers if they wanted to avoid JFK for whatever reason. And not to state the obvious, but what about people who wanted to get to JFK to protest?

New Segment: “This Week In Fake News”

From the Miami Herald: Bad Tweets – No Immigration Checkpoints In Miami Or Miami Beach

This was just altogether fake. There were no buses or anything that could’ve been mistaken for buses. Someone took video at the exact intersection this was rumored to have been happening, literally as the rumor was spreading. But it’s a thing that just kind of spread through tweets from completely regular and normal people with no vested interest in spreading misinformation. Weird.