The Monday Show – Ep. 54 – “Do Over!”

It’s Monday! So, logic follows that today we’d be posting a new episode of The Monday Show. Sure, we didn’t post one last week, but still, we’re mostly consistent. Anyway, speaking of that aborted episode from last week, we tried it again this week, and it totally worked! You can listen to it right damn here:



Even better, while you’re listening, you can can read the show notes and check out links to the articles we discussed in the scramble of words below. You should do that. Why would you not do that? Here goes:

Segment 1: The Popeye’s Chicken and Waffles Incident

I honestly don’t care about the restaurant in this story using Popeye’s. If you’re going to Long Beach expecting “authentic Southern cuisine” you deserve whatever trash crosses your plate. But either way, it’s trash that whenever something like this happens, the internet floods the respective Yelp page with shitty comments from people all around the world who’ve never visited that establishment at all ever. It’s one thing to disagree with how a dish is prepared or if you just have a general gripe with the food. Leave your Yelp review and let people know. But it’s nothing to start an internet hate campaign over. It seems kind of funny in a case like this, but sometimes it’s right wing lunatics posting hundreds of comments about how a DC-based pizza restaurant was doubling as the base of operations for a human trafficking ring tied to Hillary Clinton. A dude showed up with a gun and demanded proof that the story wasn’t true in that case. Bad times.

Segment 2: China’s New World Order Plans


This is a nightmare. You can read the second and third links if you want but in every case they get super high level and confusing at some point because the only details about any of this are on blogs and websites that deal with banking or commodities markets. Basically China is buying up all the gold it can because they want the yuan to become the new reserve currency of choice in the world. That sounds so boring and not scary but it’s actually really really bad. It would fundamentally alter our way of life forever, and not in a good way. There would be massive inflation, which people just picture as Starbucks charging $8 for coffee instead of $5. But if it’s extreme enough it’s more like overnight a person who makes $100,000/year all of the sudden feels like they’re making $10,000/year. At this point I’m starting to wonder if someone way high up figures we need a Trump type figure in office to sell the series of really unfortunate wars we’re gonna have to fight to keep this from happening. It’s absolutely why we’re worried about “human rights” in Venezuela and it’s why we’re worried about them in South Sudan and the DRC. We want a reason to go into those places specifically so we can take control of the government and put one in place that won’t align with China.

Segment 3: Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator

Here’s video of Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator lamenting the fact that inmates you “can use for work” sometimes get released early.

Fuck that guy.

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