LIST! CAST! Ep. 33 – The Best Rap Albums of the ’90s

Happy Friday! It’s time for a new episode of LIST! CAST! This week’s episode is about the best rap albums of the 90s. Your guests are comedians Quincy Johnson II and Kevin Anderson. Your host is Adam Tod Brown. You can listen to the episode right damn here:



While the moment to vote in real time and impact the outcome of the episode has surely passed, that doesn’t mean your voice can’t be heard. We’ve included the albums that come up in the episode in the handy poll below. Cast a vote now, check out the results, and then listen to the episode to see if public sentiment is in line with the opinions of our live audience.

The Best Rap Album of the ’90s


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Also, tune back in next week for an all-new episode about the best spy movies of all-time, featuring Jeff May and Jenn Muro. Should be good times!

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