Pyewacket, Requiem, Jack White and More: Least Anticipated Pod Ep. #79

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If you’re looking for links to all the things we talk about on this week’s episode, you’ve come to the right goddamn place. It’s all below, complete with additional commentary from me. I’m Adam Tod Brown. Let’s get to it!


Game Over, Man! (Netflix – Friday, March 23)

It’s like Die Hard, except it’s a comedy! I’d ask how it took this long for this to happen, but I’m sure it’s happened a lot of times before. It’s just that those previous efforts weren’t as heavily advertised during March Madness, so if they exist, they flew completely under my radar.

Requiem (Netflix – Friday, March 23)

Here’s the thing…this trailer looks pretty great. That said, this also reeks of the kind of thing that could be crazy boring for the first episode or two and then really pick up toward the end (just like the trailer did). If so, I’m out. If one-third of your six episode series is trash, you should’ve just made it a movie. But who knows? Maybe this will be great!

Roxanne Roxanne (Netflix – Friday, March 23)

A biopic about the life and career of ’80s rapper Roxanne Shante. I know this much: At some point later in life she used a clause in her old recording contract to force Warner Bros. to pay her way through medical school. That’s inspiring and kinda neat! I know not much else about her life or why her career ended as early as it did. I guess that’s what this movie is for! Let’s watch it!



This. Looks. Rad. Even better, it’s available on VOD the same day it’s released in theaters. That means you don’t even have to leave your house to watch it! The movie future we’ve all dreamed of is finally here, at least as it pertains to indie horror films.

Isle of Dogs

Stop motion animation generally turns my stomach, but this is a damn interesting concept and it’s a Wes Anderson movie. And if you don’t love dogs, fuck you. I’ll probably see this in theaters. It can’t be any harder to look at than Team America: World Police and I loved that shit. Maybe I’ll love this shit too.


Jack White – “Over and Over and Over” (from Boarding House Reach)

Oh, you’re not excited about the new Jack White album? Cool, good to know you’re dead inside. That’s one last Christmas card I have to send, you emotionless robot. Also, just kidding, I never send Christmas cards.

Stone Temple Pilots – “Never Enough” and “Thought She’d Be Mine” (from Stone Temple Pilots)

Want to hear me vehemently defend something that strikes most people as indefensible? Listen to this week’s episode, in which I make the case for Stone Temple Pilots carrying on without Scott Weiland. Vocals are pretty much the only thing he brought to the party, and the new lead singer, whoever he may be, sounds exactly like Scott Weiland. Good enough for me!

Five Alarm Funk – “We Play The Funk” (featuring Bootsy Collins)

I don’t know, man. This is some shit Chet wanted to listen to. So here we are. Listen to it, I guess.

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