In Broad Daylight – Ep. 35 – William Barr and Antifa

Adam, Luis, and Ian discuss the DoJ’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist group, the global reaction to police violence protests in America, and so much more!

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Protesters Interrogated About Political Beliefs by NYPD and FBI

Family Suspected of Being “Antifa Terrorists” Trapped at Campground

Trump Claims 75 Year Old Man Pushed at Protest Was Antifa Supersoldier

Joe Biden Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination

Meets With Black Faith Leaders In Delaware After Protests

Shoot ‘Em In the Legs!

Trump and Barr Disagree On that Bunker Visit

Trump Wanted to Deploy 10,000 Troops to DC to Put Down Protests

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Prevent Trump From Nuking Hurricanes

Statue of British Slave Trader Torn Down by Anti-Racism Protesters In England

The British Government Responds

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