How to Subscribe to Unpopular Opinion on a Third Party Podcast App

Hey there! Is anyone else having trouble figuring out how to get their brand new shiny Unpops subscription to work for them in their favorite podcast app?

Because this wonderful person who is better at this sort of thing than we are has explained it for us in loving detail:




Thank you Angela Chase, you rule!

And if you haven’t already subscribed but have been motivated to by this post, you can do it here!

I promise it’ll be worth more than a single Starbucks Frappuccino, which is about how much it costs per month.  And yes, I’m hoping this makes you rethink your coffee choices too.

4 comments on “How to Subscribe to Unpopular Opinion on a Third Party Podcast App

  1. Great guide on this! Only for iOS, though.
    For those on the Android side of things it seems a bit more difficult. So far I have been able to use Podcast Republic, just click on the “3rd party app” link next to the episode to add the whole feed. Pocket Casts does not seem to like ConnectPal, sadly. Still, I can get my Howard Dean fix now!

  2. You Rule Angela! I got this to work on “Podcast & Radio Addict”.

    I had first tried on an app called “Pocket Casts”, but they don’t officially support authentication; so I have an email into connectedpal support right now to see if there is a workaround for a username that is an email address. I’ll post here if I get an update.

  3. Confirmed that this method does not work with any podcast apps that don’t support secondary authorization (i.e. Pocket Casts, my favorite). Patreon generates an individual rss that works on any app. Hope ConnectPal figures this out.

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