How To Get A Writing Job (And Other Assorted Questions)

On this week’s episode of You People Are Insane, we answer your voice mails about finding a writing job, making the right food choices, classical composers, John Wick, and so much more. You should listen to it! Listen to it right now!

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Of course, this isn’t really the type of podcast that requires a lot of notes and research, so we don’t have those to share. But, as always, we do have the sometimes terrible transcriptions that Google provides us for each voice mail. Read them while you listen!

Right In Jobs?

Hey, Adam, Jeff raquel. This is zac from Halifax. I had am I know that you wrote for a bunch of publications, and that jess used to write for a mummy blog. I was wondering if you guys had advice on how to hunt down right in jobs order how to practice in your spare time, thanks.

Meatball. All Day.

Hey, Adam, Jeff and raquel. It’s Nolan from DC again, and I wanted to know if given the choice between the two which would you guys take a chicken parmesan sub or a meatball sub? Thanks guys love the show.

As if we even need to dignify this question with a response.

This Sounds Worse Than It Is

Hi, Adam. Todd Brown raquel and Jeff. Going through a very troubled time right now. It’s valentine’s day, and I cut his left me his name is a key. I was wondering if you guys could tell him he’s a good boy 2nd right around in the neighborhood and play that form hope that you’ll come back. Love the show. Thanks. Keep up the good work and Hashtag idiot xavier. Bye.

Ron Rick Is a Masterpiece!

Hi, I was just wondering if you guys ever had a TV show or movie or game. Whatever. I feel free you so much that you were expecting it to be like a masterpiece in ended up. Just being you know okay, and you sort of felt bad about it cuz everybody else loved it. I actually saw the first ron rick and I thought it was okay, but you guys really liked it up. Have a good day. Bye.

They killed his dog, you monster!

The Only Correct Answer Is “Prince”

Hey Gang, I’ve got a simple question for you if you were going to go back in time or bring them back from the past classical composers like box beethoven Mozart and you wanted them to learn what the electric guitar was what you start them off at the beginning with stuff like Chuck berry your bill halley’s comet. Would you melt the faces off with cream or what you say introduce them to something that would be more their speed like queen like say love of my life something like that that very classical owner test role in my eyes them into it which way would you go how?

Fake News. Adam Loves Mushrooms.

Hi, Adam. Jeff for McKell. It’s Theresa again. I called while ago. Y’all really help making my house, not smell like smoke my dad passed away in september, and I was going through all of our cookbooks because I’m a cook and he taught me how to cut and to thank you all for being so helpful in making my weekly little nicer. I wanted to send you all some of the family recipes that I have the way we so loved and our family is feeding you. I know Adam doesn’t like mushrooms and raquel is a vegetarian, but I wanted to know what kind of things you like to eat so I can go through the recipes and get them all to you. Thank you so much for your help. Again to oldest y’all in the girl from pretty scary Caitlin Carey, or just the just nicest people and then just like listening feel if you don’t have to the play this it’s thank you goodbye.

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