Jason Pargin

A.K.A. David Wong. Executive Editor at Cracked, author of John Dies at the End and Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits. Listen below as Jason/David makes an appearance on one of Unpopular Opinion’s earliest episodes.

One thought on “Jason Pargin

  1. Hello Jason,

    My name is Rui Arichika, and I am a news producer at the New York News Bureau with Nippon TV (NTV), the largest and oldest commercial television with the highest views in Japan.

    I read your article on Cracked about the election result, and it says that you came from a family who would support Trump, but you changed your perspectives after you moved away from your home.

    Do you think you could share your story to me a little more?
    I am currently looking for people who do not support Trump but his/her parents support Trump to cover in our story. I would really appreciate if you could email me at rui@ntvic.com.

    Thank you very much,

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