If You Got A Problem – Ep. 9 – “Storage Wars”

Hey! It’s time for a new episode of our competitive advice podcast, If You Got A Problem. You know how this works: Raquelle Jason and Jeff May answer your questions and try to solve your problems. You vote to decide who gave the best advice. Listen to the episode here:



And then follow along below to help us decide the winner. We’ll reveal the results on next week’s episode.



This guy’s boss thinks he’s a top notch employee … because he doesn’t complain like those other idiots he works with. Was that a threat?



Remember that email about a dude who bought his girlfriend a ring for an anniversary gift and somehow expected her to NOT think it was an engagement ring? He’s back with an another ring-related dilemma!



Is that baby brewing in that belly a boy or a girl? Is that something you even want to know in advance or should you let it be a surprise?



When’s the best time to tell a potential date that you aren’t weird, you just have a disorder that makes you seem weird?



Say you’re living with a friend and they fall into money trouble and stop paying rent and eventually disappear owing you hundreds of dollars. If they left a bunch of stuff at your place, are you in the clear to sell that stuff to recoup your money? No, probably not, but Jeff and Raquelle attempt to answer the question anyway.


So that’s that! Vote now! If you don’t, we’ll have no idea how this show even went!

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One thought on “If You Got A Problem – Ep. 9 – “Storage Wars”

  1. Hi guys! I’ve got a problem. About a year ago I moved to a nicer neighborhood and now rent an apartment below a boarding house. Living across the street from one in Newark was no picnic but they’re pretty nice here. Anyways about a month ago I started getting bitten to high hell on all exposed parts of my body. I searched for the source and found that my air conditioner was making a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. I cleaned it up, removed the air conditioner, shut the fucking window and bombed the house. All mosquitoes are surely dead it’s gotten cold out and they can’t possibly be alive I’m still being eaten alive by invisible bugs. I know I’m not insane because they leave nipple like bite marks, Mosquito like bump with a giant red areola. I thought it was bed bugs and had my landlord spray. He didn’t see any and treated me like I was fucking insane and said I might be allergic to my detergent which is weird because again only on the exposed parts of my body were being bitten. I’ve spent sleepless itchy nights scouring the internet for an answer and it seems it might be mites. I’ve washed everything and vacuumed everything and washed everything again and the bites have gone down to one or two a day as opposed to 20 but it seems unless I burn all of the Fabrics in my home there’s no escaping this what do you think I should do burn down the house? I’ve got wretchedly sensitive skin and look like I’m on meth, my boyfriend is unaffected because he’s not delicious but his son is also scratching scars onto his as well. It’s like having chicken pocks forever.

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