If You Got A Problem – Ep. 8 – “Dinner With Dad”

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How do you expand and branch out in your career if you can’t or don’t really want to pack up and go somewhere else? Also how do you listen to Unpopular Opinion even if you don’t have internet access? All of those questions are answered in this segment.



Have you ever had one of those freeloading friends who comes over and eats all your food and drinks all your drinks but never offers anything in return? If so, did you stop being friends with them? If not, can we come over?



How do you make your life a little more interesting without uprooting your entire life?



When’s the right time to tell a potential hookup that you have a prosthetic leg?



Is going to Thanksgiving dinner at your racist/abusive dad’s house worth it if he’s also rich and promises to pay for your wedding someday?

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