Good Luck, America – Ep. 28 – Trust and Security In Cyberspace – Show Notes

Hello! If you’re here it’s probably because you’re looking for links to the stories we talked about on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America about the Paris Call for Trust and Security In Cyberspace. Good news! You’ve come to the right damn place!

If you want to listen along to the podcast while you read, feel free to do that right here.

And here come those links!

Text Of The Paris Call For Trust and Security In Cyberspace (via

The full text of the Paris Call for Trust and Security In Cyberspace. It’s shorter than you’re probably expecting it to be. Don’t be intimidated. Read it. Read it all.

Hacking and GPS Spoofing In Navy 7th Fleet Accidents (via Business Insider)

Was GPS spoofing the real culprit behind the Navy 7th Fleet’s unprecedented string of accidents over the past few years? The government isn’t saying yes or no, but some people are suspicious.

Russian Interference In NATO War Exercises (via CNN)

To be fair, if we were Russia, we’d probably try to interfere in NATO exercises also. We just wish they weren’t so good at it.

The US Might Lose A War With Russia Or China (via CBS News)

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? It feels like it’s been a really long time since we definitively won a war.

The Proposed Space Force Budget (via Reuters)

The Air Force determined they’d need at least $13 billion over the first five years to make this work. So far, they’ve only been given $5 billion. Here’s hoping that’s enough for now!

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