Good Luck, America: Episode #4 Show Notes

Hello! If you’re here right now, it probably means you’re seeking out the links we promised on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. If you’re here for a different reason, then hey, why not check out this week’s episode of that very same show? Then your trip to this particular post will make so much more sense!

On the show this week we’re joined by special guest co-host Anna Valenzuela to discuss the Alice Marie Johnson case. You can listen to it right damn here.

Also, as promised, here are a few pertinent links from this week’s show. Up first, court documents from the Alice Marie Johnson case. And by that I mean here’s a link to Unpops listener Rebecca Stewart’s notes about the case.

You can download those here.

Turns out the court documents are a thing you have to pay money for (find it here if you’re so inclined), so we probably shouldn’t just post it on the site for all the world to steal.

On the second half of the episode we talk about the tragic case of a woman known only as ACM in court documents. Her deportation case is pretty heinous, and reading the court’s ruling on it certainly won’t make you happy. But nevertheless, you can read it at this link.

Or for a description of the events in that case without all the legal jargon and footnotes, check out this Mother Jones article.

So there’s yer damn links! Read them!