Good Luck, America – Ep. 7 Show Notes

Oh damn! There’s a new episode of¬†Good Luck, America¬†up now. But if you’re reading this post you probably know that already and are here looking for links to the articles we discuss on the show.

And here they are!

The Flores Settlement

Two articles about the history of the Flores Settlement, a widely debated legal ruling from 1997 with crucial ties to what’s happening with immigration right now.

The 2008 Anti-Trafficking Law

This is the other “Democrat policy” that conservatives point to when claiming that families getting separated at the border is because of loopholes exploited by the left.

The Zero Tolerance Policy

Obviously, something about the way we handle immigration has changed recently and families are getting split up over it. This article explains that change.

The Navy’s Immigration Detention Camp Plan

Time Magazine’s reporting on an internal Navy memo that reveals plans to build “austere” immigration detention camps all around the country.

Proposed Detention Camp At Contaminated Superfund Site

Turns out one of those camps was going to be built on a highly contaminated patch of land that’s been deemed unsuitable for human use.