Good Luck, America – Ep. #14: “Everybody Hates Trump” – Show Notes

Hey readers! If you’ve found this post it probably means you’re looking for links to the stories we discuss on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. Well good! Because we have that for you! We also have a fresh copy of the show that you can listen to again right damn here.

And now let’s get to those links!

Turkish People Are Destroying iPhones To Protest Trump? (Via CBS News)

I’m really hoping it never comes to this in the United States. I’m not made of spending money, goddammit. Also, this is that rare protest where I’m actually on Trump’s side. Whatever. Savor the flavor, you won’t taste it that often.

Social Distortion Front Man Mike Ness Allegedly Jumped Off Stage and Punched A Trump Supporter In the Crowd (Via CBS Sacramento)

Fan: “I paid for your music, not your politics.”

Mike Ness: *punches fan in eye*

That’s pretty much how that exchange went, and I’m in favor of it.

The Senate Adopts Resolution Backing Free Press (Via Reuters)

Do we really need the Senate to do this? Yes, we sure do.

A Kansas Newspaper Does The Right Thing (Via CNN)

I mean, they still endorsed Trump in 2016, which is bad times. But at least they’re coming around now.

The Architect of the Bin Laden Raid Hates Trump Too (Via CNN)

This guy never says anything about anything. Only Trump’s dismantling of every value America has ever held dear was enough to him to speak.

12 Former Intelligence Officials Criticized Trump For Pulling Security Clearance (Via Politico)

This is what he was speaking out about. This is some fascist bullshit.

Counter Protesters Way Outnumber Unite The Right 2 Participants (Via Vox)

Fuck these motherfuckers. May all their dreams go down in flames.