Good Luck, America – Ep. #13 – “The Denaturalization Task Force” – Show Notes

Hey, word nerd! I imagine you’re here looking for links to the articles we discussed on this week’s episode of Good Luck, America. If so, you’ve come to the right damn place. Hell, you can even listen to the episode again while you do your reading if that’s your fancy. Do it right here:

And now here come those links:

What Is The Denaturalization Task Force? (Via Vox)

Well, it’s the topic of this episode, for starters. It’s also just one of the ways the Trump administration has set their sights on making life miserable for legal immigrants.

When Punishing Child Abusers Becomes A Slippery Slope (Via Justice.Gov)

The official DoJ write-up about five unrelated child abusers the government wants to strip of their citizenship. Sure, it’s nothing you’re gonna take to the streets and protest over, and that’s understandable. That said, a precedent is a precedent, and this case is the one that cleared the way for…

A 63-Year-Old Grandmother Now Facing Denaturalization (Via Miami Herald)

For what it’s worth, denaturalization is the kind of thing we used to reserve for literal Nazis and other assorted war criminals who lied their way into the country. In a couple short years, we’ve gone from that to targeting a grandmother with a rare kidney disease who (probably unknowingly) got wrapped up in a fraud scheme a decade ago. Hooray for law and order?

But Wait, There’s More! (Via The Week)

Denaturalization isn’t the only way the Trump administration is targeting legal immigrants. They’re also using a loose interpretation of an ancient law to prevent anyone who’s ever needed government assistance of any sort from obtaining citizenship. Nothing Nazi-like about that, my fellow able-bodied Americans!

Hunger Strikes In Immigration Detention Centers (Via The Cut)

It’s back to illegal immigration to close out the show, when we discuss an outbreak of hunger strikes at immigration detention facilities. Bad times!

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